The GLOBAL AGENDA of the Federation of Free Planets (Part 1b of 10)


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, November 29, 2018

My main focus is on the governments of the Western World with particular attention to that of the United States.

The affairs there are chaotic, and with no control over the Pentagon! That portion of the administration comes from the Hidden Hand, also called “the Family,” who by the power of their money make sure that that institution (the Pentagon) NEVER falls into shortage of funds toward the achievements of their, the Hidden Hand globalist owners’ goal of control and exploitation of mineral resources from all nations of this world.

In order to not have that objective disrupted, they exercise control over the U.S. Military.


To all Military Generals of this Planet, and to the public! “The nonsense is over!”

(From my records of November 2006)

The nonsense is over! From now on we will be doing repair work to the nations! I am Reni Sentana-Ries, your Grande World Counselor and one of earth’s representatives of the FEDERATION OF FREE PLANETS. My purpose for being here at this time, and for being in this position is to be your leader in carefully guiding you toward and through the most precarious time you have ever seen. Much of it will not be easy, for earth is beginning to have convulsions from abuse of the past.

But we are here now to let you have a taste of what you never had a taste of before: PARADISE. This is essential for you to be emotionally prepared to enter into a completely new environment with your bodies intact – an environment you have never seen before! Since the level of conduct in that new environment into which you will be transported, is significantly above that in which you are living now, it is mandatory that you taste paradise, for otherwise you will not go there.

The great misconception religion has given you so far is to believe that paradise is what you enter into when you die. Not so! Paradise is what you build where you are, otherwise you cannot have it. You will stagger like a drunkard back and forth, fall over on your face, only to get up and stagger some more. (I’m speaking of successive incarnations here, if you get my meaning.)

Don’t think for one minute that you have not had a life stream on this earth before. Probably many, you just can’t remember, and you are now at this moment here again to learn from us that which you failed in the past to learn, that is, to build your paradise in order to qualify for entry into the next level of your training on a higher plane, and move on in the experiencing of joy for being alive, as you owe it to yourselves!

I will assist you in it, and so, what this website will do is, it will contain an agenda, sort of a things-to-do list with items for you, your leaders, and your Generals to implement in order to straighten out the mess you are in, and in that manner we will show you how to solve your problems. I say “we”, for I am not alone in this. I have by my side Uthrania who has gifts going beyond those of my own. We also draw from our connection to the Commanders of the Federation of Free Planets. Certain books in our possession we will publish for you to learn from, others we may not.

Religiously we make no claims except to say that Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream correctly in which President Saddam Hussein sees himself at both ends of the time scale.

I also must state here to the dishonor of so-called Christian leaders of the United States that the insane persecution on Osama bin Laden is a replica of what he went through 2000 years ago. And therefore I have decided to honor my friend Osama by making him the heir to my Throne out of which I got bounced in the days of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. And that is all you inquirers need to know at this time, who seek a religious connection in all this.

We are not here to fulfill anyone's doctrinal misconceptions but to instill upon all our assertion that the time has come for your reclamation, and that is enough.

I will also go into an agreement with hopefully all governments of this planet to provide for their people an accurate translation of this site into the languages their people speak in order that no one be left out of learning all matters essential for the progression of their souls. This may also be the case for China for as long as the Chinese people have not identified their own guide more familiar with their customs and traditions than I am.

I am the Chief Editor of this site. I write on any topic I wish. Any book we publish will be available on this site in .pdf format for free. Those of you who wish to have a copy from a publisher may acquire one from a book store. Our effort is not for gain but for making information available to you which you have not been aware of before.

We also have no secrets, for anything we share with Government you will learn about from this site, and thereby we will restore accountability of Government back to you, the people. Should this site grow to become massive, then all will remain accessible to you by a set of links.

Vital to the stability and performance of the economic order of paradise is the establishment of a SECURITY PANEL in each country. Guidance for the initial set-up of these Panels you have under the link called “SECURITY PANEL.” Be not alarmed when you find that its introduction alters governmental structure as well as shifts areas of jurisdiction. The powers assigned to this panel will only affect your present or future position of either regular or substantial public trust if in the Panel's unanimous opinion you as leader misuse the power of your office detrimental to the interests of the people, and also in contravention to the principles of a paradisaical society. What these principles are you will learn from this site.


(End of quotation from my records of November 2006)

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