The GLOBAL AGENDA of the Federation of Free Planets (Part 1a of 10)


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, November 28, 2018

A transfer of control over the U.S. Military must happen - away from the Hidden Hand Family - to that of myself!

Failing it, this world is doomed!

(Copied from my records, created November 2006)

To all Military Generals of this Planet! "Listen to Me, General!"

I believe that between Saddams own claim of being back as Nebuchadnezzars reincarnation and our sympathetic articles in defense of him, combined with our promise to lift Osama, the (future Czar) onto the Throne of Russia, the ruling establishment of Washington must have rediscovered the prophetic validity of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and in their madness sought an excuse before the public to kill both men by assailing their nations in order to prevent his prophecy from materializing.

And so we came to witness the destruction of impoverished Afghanistan and that of a potentially prosperous Iraq.

It is not so much that they are afraid of these two men; they are afraid however, of the rock hitting the King’s statute at its feet of iron and clay with all its implications of filling the earth and the loss of their power!

And so the downing of the two towers in New York, along with pinning the blame for it on the innocent, gave them that excuse: Iraq then was falsely accused of harboring weapons of mass destruction, providing the excuse before the American public to attack Iraq and kill Saddam.

The attack on the Pentagon building was to camouflage the origin of the attack on the towers.

(Well, not really. It was to destroy the computer containing evidence of over 2 trillion Dollars of misappropriated (unaccounted-for) funds. –R. S.-R., 2018).

We were informed by the starship commanders of the Federation that should Washington succeed to kill Osama, they (the starship commanders) would then destroy the entire earth! This left me without choice but to take command of the U.S. Military in order to prevent this murder from happening which would trigger the destruction of this planet together with its people on it. My command of the U.S. military would then also block Nebuchadnezzar’s prophetic dream from being foiled by elements in Washington who understand prophecy but unfortunately have run the affairs there until today in a rather debauched manner.

While they may understand simple prophecy, they however do not understand the consequences to the world and themselves for a successful foiling of true prophecy. In order for the rock to do its work of filling the earth, earth must be reintegrated into the FEDERATION OF FREE PLANETS. Yet only a reclamation of its people can make this possible as they regain their long lost paradise. What follows is the pathway leading to that outcome.

People, never in thousands of years have you come closer to achieving your exaltation into higher worlds of glorious existing than today, as you look upon the contents of this site. It operates to provide guidance and instructions to your leaders and to you, the people, who must insist that all demands on them contained herein are executed with military precision. Your lives and your future in bliss depend on it!

(This site was developed and completed in Ft. Saskatchewan and Grande Cache, Canada, November, 2006 AD.)

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