The GLOBAL AGENDA of the Federation of Free Planets (Part 1 of 10)


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, November 22, 2018

The “Global Agenda” was written by myself while I was in involuntary confinement (in 2006) and have authored it with the intent of seeing it implemented (globally eventually) in the western world of North America and Europe to begin with.

The energy for writing the way I did came from the fact that an injustice was done to me by the power of a law which should never have been placed into the Canadian law books, but was upheld by corrupted judges, a law which makes truth a culprit, so traitors and infiltrators can remain protected, a law which is also unconstitutional in Canada since the fundamential right to free speech was written right into the Canadian BNA Act itself.

That confinement gave me a pen of boldness which was necessary in light of the dire situation  mankind is in as a whole. Does the boldness of speech then make me a narcissist if I also refer to the “Office” I hold in realms of galactic High Councils? My answer is “No!” and your answer will be found in your response to the next series of publications here on Facebook under the heading of THE GLOBAL AGENDA.

They will be diametrically opposed to the much touted “New World Order” which I consider to be an elitist instrument for the entrenchment of global slavery.

The following was written in September 2006:



Introduction to the Global Agenda (Addressed to commanders and admirals of all militaries, and to all national leaders.):

I am not running a democracy here! This is dictatorship at its finest. You will execute my orders or step aside for someone who will, for TO YOU THEY ARE THE LAW! You are now accountable to me and I will be the link to assure your accountability back to the people! I in turn report to the High Council of the Federation of Free Planets which has decreed that this mission must not fail! The effect of our success will go far beyond this planet, and I therefore trust no one except myself and Uthrania with an assignment of this magnitude.

I have said I am your Counselor. That is so, but now I am also your General and Commander in Chief, and in that sense all issues raised here have become a military operation! (To the political leadership of nations I say):

If you have gained power over the affairs of your nation through the process of elections and implement my orders I want you to remain in your office until you elect to step down at your own volition.

If you have been democratically elected and refuse to implement the laws of this agenda, you must step aside for one who will. And in no wise will we permit any one to use religion or tradition as an excuse for failing to implement any of the matters spelled out in this agenda.

You will recognize whether issues raised here apply to you and your nation, and you are at liberty to correct ills of similar nature at your own initiative.

Surround yourself with a team of likeminded men and women, and your people will love you in return for your collaboration with us.

Prepare for our first visit to you by having a SECURITY PANEL ready for us to meet with. The agenda itself will be released in manageable steps when we are out of this confinement and back on internet. (Do not mind the futuristic flair of these writings. I realize we are not there yet, but mankind’s survival depends on getting there! -Reni Sentana-Ries)

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