(048) President PUTIN Statement on Turkey and ISIS, Nov. 2015

(For the Record)




President Putin:


“We have long been recording the movement of a large amount of oil and petroleum products to Turkey from ISIS-occupied territories (in Syria). This explains the significant funding the terrorists are receiving.


"Now they (the Turkish forces) are stabbing us in the back by hitting our planes that are fighting terrorism. This is happening despite the agreement we have signed with our American partners to prevent air incidents, and, as you know, Turkey is among those who are supposed to be fighting terrorism within the American coalition…!


“If ISIS is making so much money – we are talking about tens or maybe even hundreds of millions, possibly billions of dollars – in oil trade and they are supported by the armed forces of an entire state, it is clear why they are being so daring and impudent, why they are killing people in such gruesome ways, why they are committing terrorist attacks all over the world, including in the heart of Europe!”


Nov 29, 2015, 9:04 pm