(047) Watch this man!  He is dangerous!






By Reni Sentana-Ries, Wednesday, November 18, 2015


His name is Thomas P. M. Barnett, born in 1962, now U.S. Military strategist.


Notice the uncontrolled migrant entry into Europe, and compare this with a strategy he devised on how to deal with white European populations.


He is from Chilton, Wisconsin, who became a US-American Researcher in Military Strategy. He was asked in 2000 by the Cantor Fitzgerald Company to become the head of a team conducting a research project on global military strategies.


The quote is from the NWO proponent and globalization fanatic THOMAS P. M. BARNETT:




“The final goal here is to place all nations of this planet on the same level... and this is accomplished by mixing the European nations with other races which would give them a predominantly light-brown (skin) colour, which can be done by an admission of an annual immigration and absorption rate of 1.5 million people from third-world countries.


The result would be a population with an average IQ of 90, too stupid to understand, but intelligent enough to use them as workers.


Yes, I recognize the unreasonable arguments coming from the camp of our opponents, however should they be found to stand in opposition to the global world order, then my demand will be: WE SHALL KILL THEM!”


(Quote translated into German):


Thomas P. M. Barnett (*1962 in Chilton, Wisconsin) ist ein US-amerikanischer Forscher auf dem Gebiet der Militärstrategie. Im Jahre 2000 wurde er von der Firma Cantor Fitzgerald beauftragt, ein Forschungsprojekt über globale Militärstrategien zu leiten.


Zitat vom NWO Anhänger und Globalisierungs-Fanatiker Thomas Barnett:


“Das Endziel ist die Gleichschaltung aller Länder der Erde, …durch die Vermischung der Rassen, mit dem Ziel einer hellbraunen Rasse in Europa, dazu sollen in Europa jährlich 1,5 Millionen Einwanderer aus der dritten Welt aufgenommen werden.


Das Ergebnis ist eine Bevölkerung mit einem durchschnittlichen IQ von 90, zu dumm zu Begreifen, aber Intelligent genug um zu Arbeiten.


Jawohl, ich nehme die Vernunftwidrigen Argumente unserer Gegner zur Kenntnis, doch sollten sie Widerstand gegen die Globale Weltordnung leisten, fordere ich ‘We shall kill them!’ (Wir werden sie töten).”




Holy smokes! This man believes all opponents to his diabolical scheme should be killed.!

(I do believe a conscientious lawyer can prove him guilty before existing laws dealing with verbal threats of death in many lands. Why is this would-be killer still running loose and freely spewing his threats from his website? His words are duly noted...)

Comments by Reni Sentana-Ries:

The nature of wickedness is such that it makes no demands on intelligence, and here the doctrine of mongrelizing a culture of people in order to destroy it is something this IQ deficient Barnett did really not come up with. That credit goes to Henry Kissinger, another one world order globalist, who at least was smart enough to not say "We shall kill them!" in case Kissinger's doctrine became opposed. (Fools never seem to die out...)

Here is the translation to what Kissinger is recorded to have said:

"We remove the white race together with their for us too high and dangerous intelligence by mixing them with multicultural societies." Today Europe finds herself under a "multicultural" siege to surpass even Kissinger's wildest dreams.

Ann and Uthrania, Europe is under siege with the aim of destroying the white people and their culture in accordance with the NWO plans of Kissinger and Co. and Barnett. They seem to be winning as their plans of warfare have for decades been implemented on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and nations of Africa. The repercussions of all these U.S. inspired military ventures are a fleeing people into Europe, creating enormous cultural distress there. The Bilderbergers have instructed the European leaders to let all the migrants in without the need for meeting any conditions for entry.

I am horrified and dismayed at the indifference by many people to what these waves of uncontrolled human transfers are doing to the local people who are most affected by it in terms of crime, rape, street violence, waste of resources and food, riots, and street battles with police. Yet all this was planned beforehand by alien people who hate the white colour of our skin. I am disgusted, and that is why I post the way I do.

In addition to that must I say that seeing myself as a staunch opponent to the introduction of a "New World Order" Bush Snr. style, according to Barnett I should be killed for wishing to see a world order implemented which is of the liberating nature typical of a paradise. I do not take this threat lightly, seeing he is an advisor to the U.S. Military, which could easily manage to accomplish such a task, depending how successful we will be when the chips are down.


Hi, Ann, I fail to be able to think of anything more positive than my ambition to labour for the return of paradise for the people everywhere, and since that is a job which by nature runs me into an ideological conflict with Hellions hell-bent to keep their system of universal slavery for all intact, and even solidify that stranglehold by shoving more undesirable schemes down the throats of people as though there is not already enough bondage for them in place as it stands now, then giving this project my time and energy will not see me wallowing in a mud hole of negativity, but it is to me an endeavour of nobility second to none!


No one is ever viewed by holy ones as being swallowed up by negativity who have made it their lives' goal to labour on until the evil is driven from their world for the good of all. I may be seen as a lone rider here, but it's a journey I will never need to be ashamed of for having taken it.