(044) Clinging to Slander – Hallmark of a Man Drowning in his own Lies




Posted on Friday, October 16, 2015


Written by Reni Sentana-Ries, January 30, 2013, RYLEY, Alberta, Canada


“THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS...” is definitely one of the reliable concepts coming out of the Bible which I could safely carry over into my role of today from my earlier time as Bible school student while in my 20’s.


And so, when the controlled media has located a critic of the established order, someone who could perhaps become a threat to centralized elite control in the event that his or her words become widely accepted, slander is being used to undermine that critic’s credibility in the eyes of the public!


The result is: Who in his right mind would want his own name connected with someone the public views as a “nut case” after the media tarnished that person’s character with effective discreditation and slander, using half-truths, distortion of facts, outright lies, or name-calling? The answer is: No follower, except a naturally-born leader!


A leader looks deep into the case before him, sorts out fact from fiction, analyzes the case with integrity, comes to his own personal conclusions, and then he/she will go public with an open and frank verbal support of the one who is vilified by the majority by all those slanderous statements coming from either the controlled media or the deluded public!


Conversely, a “follower” will wait. He or she will take time until the vilified person’s credibility becomes publicly established before wanting to be seen to have consented to an outlandishly new idea.


And so I have concluded that it takes a number of independent thinkers to endorse a new idea or concept in public before the numerous naturally-born “followers” will come around with their own support in numbers going into the millions. Having said so does not mean a “leader” is good, and to be a “follower” is bad. They do need each other in a properly functioning society.


And what is my conclusion into what needs to happen before “the masses” will accept the idea of a celestial “new economic order” (not Bush’s Scull-and-Bones one), the one Seila and I have now verbally firmly established with public endorsement of all intergalactic starship commanders?




Where we have spoken of the need for the abolition of money, we expect nothing less.


Where we have announced the coming of the end of this world through earth’s rotational wobble, we have spoken truthfully, for that is what will happen.


Where we have consoled the public with the possible escape from perishing in events connected to the end of this world, we have the words from the starship commanders to back us, and therefore not given you people a false hope for an escape as we have announced to you that through a general evacuation into starships you will be rescued from losing your physical lives!


Where we have presented ourselves to you in our position as messengers of good news, and used titles to do so, we have not presented ourselves falsely in a narcissist manner, for these titles were given to us by the scribed pen long before we even went public with our material. By our integrity toward you, the people, we have earned them - like a doctor has the right to be addressed in accordance with his professional achievements - and has therefore the right to be addressed with the respect he has earned from attending universities.


And where we have admonished and counseled the leaders of this world we have acted consistent with our position as prophets of the New Era


(October 19, 2015: NOTE: Uthrania dislikes being called a "prophetess," but I think hers is a misplaced humility.)


Even the Learned Elders of Zion knew better than the misguided general public’s understanding of what a prophet really is, having documented it this way:


“And it is by the call of the prophet that kings are made..!”


The essence of the truth spoken in these protocols lies in their frankness of telling on themselves. In the end it will not be the public’s ignorance of concepts of reality calling the shots, for their misperceptions will all be bulldozed over by a reality we have been speaking of for years!

Therefore, don’t allow the controlled media to form your opinion on us, for they have proven themselves to cling to slander like a man would to a straw to keep from drowning.


February 7, 2013: What follows is an excerpt from a scribing by Uthrania taken April 20, 2003, in which the Adam and Eve story became de-mystified. It concluded with “Satan” spewing his hate on the people and explaining why at the time of the Equinox many would not become evacuated when their forefathers and fore-mothers from the stars come to pick up their own posterity. Many had been brainwashed by the media, believed its lies and distortions of fact, and accepted the slander thrown at the prophets (October 19, 2015: NOTE: Uthrania objects to the label “prophet.” Duly noted.)



"Grrr, you foolish one!

We will yet see!


For the serpent in the ground under heaven will conquer thee!

And we will make you our slaves for all eternity!

And the day will come when they will come back,

but we will have you all so brainwashed and physically weak that you will naught be able to resist our power  over the mild, and the stupid, and the weak,

and you will refuse to leave here with them,

for their posterity we will blind to every remembering! 


- ‘Satan’ you will call us, and Satan we will be!!”


(End quote)

Comment by Reni Sentana-Ries, October 16, 2015:

Bull's Eye on this one.! This article is a wake-up call for all people who still believe we amount next-to-nothing when it comes to wrapping up world affairs in an acceptable manner for all people everywhere.

We hold the Key to ushering the people into the New Era, and hence we recommend for all to come aboard and get ready for accepting that simple statement of fact. You will spare yourselves much disappointment that way. AND DON'T FORGET TO READ AND STUDY ALL MATERIAL WE HAVE FOR NEARLY TWO DECADES NOW SO FAITHFULLY LAID OUT BEFORE YOUR EYES.

In that manner you prove yourselves mindful of your own evolution!