(043) Commander Hatonn on Currency Troubles and Loss of Free Speech (1994)




Posted on Saturday, October 3, 2015


Scribed via verbatim telepathic dictation by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries on Wednesday, August 31, 1994


Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Ryley, Alberta, Canada:





“Here in Washington it has been met with the severest of all complexities, insofar as the Deputy of Finance is concerned. Controlled currency, diplomatic style, has finally succumbed to the immediate unavailability of dramatic style. The American Dollar, which has so far succeeded in changing its style once or twice, as far as the Federal Reserve is concerned, is intent once again on performing non-diplomatic service to the chagrin of those once imputed minions.


“By the thousands, or should we say trillions, manufacturing equipment has finally announced its intention of dwarfing the sequel upon its face! Look for discrepancies, my friends, and be it unto you ones to hide not your efforts in declaiming the true authority over all your costly efforts! This is a highlighted effort on the part of all your loving congressmen, excepting those few, of course, who intend with all their might to engage the high courts of the land into mediation with the faction of their own leadership.


“Woe be unto those, who, with decrepant laws of their own leadership and manufacturing, doth continue to strive even beyond their capabilities, and profit from among the continued strife and gloom and doom, which so heavily lies upon the backs of the unconstrued of the resume of public life, or rather, public living quarters and allowances! It would behoove each one of ye rather, who are strangers to the problematic attire of current national attributes, to put your left foot forward and not have an inkling of what is truly going on.


“Why on Earth do I allude to the doing of no-thing? Simply because, with confederate-like thinking it will be taken to the highest element of the dog-rating problem. This may serve ye ones toward the scratching of your heads, but fear not, old Hatonn has the ever ending solution to your newest and most expensive problematic feature of the United States currency. Listen up, folks!


“The main and crucial dialogue is perchance the time of unfolding of your greatest glory as taxpayer, simply because it is to the unfolding of your own pockets, that they so merrily strive to hit. Resources of unequalled imaginings are beginning to take shape, and when they hit the top of the barrel, that is the crucial time that you, the public forum, must make your move. Listen with the most astute ears for the symphony of change, and then take with a bullet in hand the ears of the Congress in forced exchange rates.


“Now, you are well aware that I myself would undoubtedly never force irregular change upon the haunches of the people of this never-deemed-good country (the way it stands now, of course), but however there is even a stage of which range even I must allude to the portion thereof.


“It is not a mandatory stricken device I now hold in my hand, but rather the token merit of a work well done within the surface tidal areas of elitist factionist territory. I even won the award for that serious conquest! This is my backing up toward the wall on this particular one, that I might at least share with ye ones all the concerns of implementation of which I, at the front, am responsible for. All in due time, I believe.


“This is indeed a section for the Washington Post, and I understand it is even to be kept quiet from the likes of their ears as well. The intrepid will not be forced from within the compound of elusive behavioural patterned frequency, so promptly get on the bandwagon, if you must, because the POCKETBOOK OF RETAIL CURRENCY IS ABOUT TO BE FORMULATED INTO NOTHINGNESS, FOREVER, ON THE BACKS OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!


“Remember what happened to Cuba and Canada? Well, THEY WANT YOU TO EAT THEIR PORTION AS WELL! That is precisely why they have merited out toward the Free Trade Expense Sheet the drawbacks of economical tidal factors.


“Free speech is gone with a bullet in its back, and YOU ONES ARE NEXT ON THE FIRING LINE, AND THE SQUAD WHO IS DESIGNED TO PULL THE TRIGGER ARE YOUR OWN HENCHMEN FROM THE VICE SQUAD - MILITARY FACTIONAL DEBATE - which alludes to the fact, that capability is not a resource of prerequisite necessary detrimental factorial equational purpose.


“Figure that one out, minions of the fourth apex, and ye just might come up with the action tool of debatable purpose.”


(Scribed through verbatim dictation by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez in 1994, Ryley, Alberta, Canada)

Comment by Reni Sentana-Ries, October 5, 2015:

Maybe now you understand why the Bilderberg organizers NEVER allow reporters and observers into their meetings, and why politicians that have participated, ALWAYS ramrod the most disgusting policies down people's throats WITHOUT FEAR of retribution from the people!

The Bilderberg elite has guaranteed them protection from the people's wrath!!! The politicians' mansions abroad are waiting for them, and the military squads are organized and ready to spirit them out of countries they have destroyed.!