(042) Being proud of United States Patriots!



Introduction by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, July 26, 2015

Captain James Galiac speaks of the outcome of the Patriot movements as being movements of people who are determined not to be sucked down and under by the machine running their nations.

Beware of the Word - "CHANGE!"

Dear ones, beware of those coming to you with catch phrases such as "change" without telling you "change to WHAT?" Never assume that you know what he or she means without a full explanation. Remember instead those words unspoken and ask yourselves from listening to the words spoken where his or her allegiance lies, for stunning remarks with no foundation whatsoever is like building your trust on a bank of quicksand with no way out once the plunge has taken place. This is the first portion of the writ.

The second portion is addressed by Captain Adrigon (pronounced A-'dray-on) of the White Winds which houses the most famous library ever stored upon a starship. Captain Adrigon speaks of exactly what is needed to win the battle over those who keep each one in bondage. Once you, the readers, know what you must begin to do, and do it quickly, then the remainder of the rungs of the ladder you will climb with efficiency. Captain Adrigon's portion will be presented to the reader in a separate writ following this one under the title: Captain Adrigon: Patriots! A Word to the Wise - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


 Captain James Galiac Sananda, April 8, 2011, 6:22 pm

"Please place, Seila, "fourth of July - come and gone." We wait.


 "Hello once again, all little ones! And here we are not far from July but what a summer this will prove to be. After all the fireworks in other lands, the American patriots decided after all they wanted their own country back so they strove and drove and plea bargained, so to speak, another way of government, and lo and behold, the Congressmen and women agreed wholeheartedly - half-heartedly of course in the very back of their minds, but you see they generally had no more choice. So here we see the American flag gainitorily 'stripped' of its stars and stripes and aplaced with a more 'categorical' flag which 'demonstrates' that Americans after all are goodly people, a hard working people, who want a life for themselves and others, FREE FROM STRIFE, AND HARDSHIP AND OF COURSE, THE OLDEST CLICHE, WAR!

 “Bold that last please, Seila, dear one. Thank you.

 "And now we await the 'final' word from Congress, the American Senate, and of course the brother's of finance.

“The American patriots did it at last. They did it finally, and are they ever so proud of themselves.

 "Now let us see what exactly they intend upon building their country upon, for the foundation has crumbled back into a thousand and one pieces, and for that rectum of the diocese, methinks, it is a tolerable waste of their vivacious time and energy to run down those insurmountable debts to pay them all. Oh well, throw the debts off, and the backs of the labourers will lighten, and then can we begin a New Day, a newness for all peoples in the western hemisphere, for the Gulf War has finally ended and the boys and girls who are left have finally come home. A lark for the toys of war no more.

"Sananda out for this short but important brief.

“Good Day and good luck. But you will need so much more than luck to see your way through, so remember we do have the blueprint and the way is set for the each of you to prosper, to survive in happiness and to finally hear the truth freely. Tie off all channel, little one, and good day. Out." 6:34 pm

(End quote)

(From our book Holier Than Thou Are We Not)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, April 8, 2011.