(040) A Soul Mate Secret-no-Longer!


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, July 20, 2015

Begin with writing a Soul Mate Blueprint!

We will not just let the soul mate issue die, will we! How in all good conscience can we, seeing how close humanity has come to pass its equinoxal threshold and proceed on into what for all of us is supposed to be a higher-evolved and blissful world than we find ourselves in today, neglect one of the most important issues of our life?

Where we expect to go the power of soul mate unions is needed - although not an absolute requirement for a successful evacuation off this planet - but nonetheless so much more preferable to a smooth and continuous progression in our soul’s evolution.

Captain James Galiac, who is a starship commander, suggests to the seekers of their “other halves” the literal formulation of a so-called “blueprint” in order to speed up locating the “other” belonging to ourselves and no one else.

I suggest reading Captain Galiac's words slowly.


December 2, 2012, 3:00 pm


Sananda in here for prompt display.

Now chelas, we have long sought over an island of our own, have we not, just to hopefully get away from all the unpleasantness of our own culture and theirs. This of course is related to all those centuries of living in a world which is less than fit for humankind at all.

One with another do we misfit of ourselves, and because of it, we of the Brother- and Sisterhood of more enlightened Beings have come to you gracefully to assist and lead you into a life much more heartening than you would ever have believed.

We, as most of you know, have our own people among you to lead you with our words. Their deeds are sanctified in the way which saints of any era would have done on your behalf.

Oh, dear ones, you have missed out on so much, and this grieves our souls whom have come for you. So let us give to you such bountiful blessings, so to speak, which some of you have already earned and moved on gracefully into your next series of life activities.

When you search for your soul mate - or lesser one, called a twinned-flame - you must begin by writing for yourself a short document. Put down all you would expect, beginning with such as the colour of hair, eyes, composition, how one carries oneself, mannerisms of all sorts, height, health, and many more details.

Then put this out to the universe in the quietness of your own special place of being, and voice it two to three times per day and then wait. Many will come who are twinned-flames or even near to twinned-flames, but you must be sure they fit your blueprint!

The soul mate will fit the blueprint EXACTLY.

We have heard many of you exclaiming that if they are upright and wonderful and handsome or beautiful of physical Being or/and soul, that would be enough for you.

But let us remind you, those of you who believe such nonsense, that this is the time of the Equinox, and therefore you need to meet your very essence in duality, and to do that you need to fit the one who comes along with your blueprint exactly.

You must realize that the helixes in the DNA - and not the other way around, and believe you us, we do know of that which we speak - intertwine with one soul and that of the other “soul,” to “mate” again for centuries in utter and unobstructive BLISS, and this of course guarantees all those who have progressed of themselves to the first or more rungs of the paradisaical worlds and life streams to be together as they were in the beginning of their journey!

Therefore, beloveds, take of yourselves this firmly-spoken writ and enjoy some more of the bountiful riches of heavenhood, and as we speak we guide you by our words on this paper, and heaven will not help those who are less charitable to others than they are to themselves.

Good Day, Captain Galiac James Sananda over and out on transmittal frequency aspar 4.5. Please record all time setting, please, Uthrania Seila, and a Good Day to you both. Adieu.

Sananda out.  (3:42 pm)

(End quote)

(From our book Good Luck Charm, available for free at http://scribd.com/rsentana_ries )

This article was scribed by the hand and pen of Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries and posted with an Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries