(038) My Pledge before I was born (From the Akashic Records)




Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, July 17, 2015  

On September 22, 1994, we obtained a verbatim record from the Akashic Compliances through the lady entity Asula, a record written by my own hand and sealed before I made my appearance in this life.

We all have our own set of goals for this incarnation if we only could have access to our records we ourselves wrote into the Book of Life. They explain why we are the way we are, and act the way we do. Some become equal to the task of their pledges, and others will fail and then oblige themselves to learn certain lessons all over again.

My record contains a particular promise I made of which I was reminded today. And so I will share it with you for the benefit of any and all who need to know.


"And herewith do I strive with the best of my ability in each and every succeeding lifetime hereafter to do my best in the most dutiful fashion possible,

Maintaining the height of honour and loyalty and standards that those who have gone before me have maintained.

And let me be careful lest I fall into the clutches of the dragon again - or those who hunt down sheep in the field.

Let me instead, as I come back to the earth plane, be more of a protector of all those ones.

Sincerely do I herewith sign with my seal, and pledge my word."