(037) Blessed are the Leaders who heed Good Counsel from the Stars!

They are friends


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, July 16, 2015

Recognition of an ethical approach to national inter-relationships can work wonders in our effort to make friends out of entire nations when a new leaf is turned from the rule-book of ethical conduct.

The following note was posted on our site 20 years ago on August 19, 2000 while President Putin was President of Russia, as he is still today.



"President Vladimir Putin, Work With Me!"

EDMONTON (INA Canada) August 19, 2000, by Reni Sentana-Ries

You have compared the glory of the USSR with the mess the Yeltsin Revolution (sell-out) has taken the country to, and thought you could recapture the lost satellite states by the application of brute Russian military force, and so Chechnya became your first target.

But I can show you how you can win back the loyalty of all states which have at one time belonged to the former USSR without so much as firing a single shot nor sending any of Russia's young men into battlefields. No leader of the past has ever commanded the loyalty of foreign cultures without first becoming their friend and defender of their dignity!

It is therefore not necessary to follow the course of military violence against other nations as you have done in Chechnya.

You will have your kingdom on solid ground when you refine the affairs at home and then invite the other countries to participate in a good thing - one they can see for themselves by observing the state of affairs in your own country!

So if you wish to recover from your latest debacle of a sunken U-boat, then follow me into the resources of universal diplomacy and wisdom from the stars. Only then will you rise high in esteem with the people - more so than ever before.

I will close now, for the time here in Edmonton is going on three o'clock in the morning, and I must get some much needed rest.

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Note added January 11, 2021: 

The invitation "to work with me" is also extended to President Trump of the United States, and President Xi Jinping of China.