(036) For Free..! (Addressing the People of Argentina (February 2003)) 



Reposted on July 15, 2015  

EDMONTON (Canada) February 4, 2003, by Reni Sentana-Ries

I hear 20 million Argentineans are "unemployed"? Wow, does that ever cover a lot of farmers, truck drivers, bakers, welders and cooks for getting busy with planting crops, delivering food, baking bread, building farm machinery and feeding the hungry with meals.

What are you waiting for, my friends? JUST GET BUSY AND DO WHAT NEEDS DONE! Let the refinery worker go to work and make petrol so the truck driver can haul the farmer's grain to town for the baker to bake bread, after the electrician from the local power plant has fired up the generators to feed electrical power into the grid - all this to assure that no one goes without the basic creature comforts of life!

Don't wait for a paycheck, for there will be none! Let the banker in New York suck dirt! New York is a long way off from Buenos Aires. Never mind of how the banker makes it through life in his high-rise tower from the 60th floor of the Empire State Building without your money as "interest on the debt"! If he is stupid enough to lend you money and compounds the interest to the extent where you can't pay back the principal then that is not your fault! No need for you to bail him out of his own stupidity! Your focus of attention should be where the needs are at home and put your shoulder to the wheel as you fix your neighbour's leaky roof if a roofer is what you are. DO IT FOR FREE - MEANING - DO IT WITHOUT ASKING FOR MONEY!! DO IT BECAUSE THAT IS YOUR JOB! AND WATCH HOW FAST YOUR "UNEMPLOYMENT" DISAPPEARS!!

Let your only cost be your labour! In the end everything you do is "labour". The labour to prepare the ground for seed, the labour to pluck the weed, the labour to look for oil reserves, the labour to build houses, the labour dig ditches for the city sewage system or the labour for building highways.

So why then only provide that labour on the condition of receiving money? When all the raw materials are at your disposal for converting them into finished products, then why wait until someone comes along and gives you money? Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said "Give me control of issuing the credit of the nation and I care not who makes the laws!" And when Rothschild decides to pull the money rug from underneath yourselves, you then decide to starve each other to death? I don't think so! You are smarter than that!!

You say "It costs to get the economy going!" INDEED, LET THE ONLY COST BE IN THE FORM OF YOUR OWN LABOUR - NOT MONEY!! PROVIDE YOUR TALENTS FOR FREE, and when 20 million Argentineans have begun to look after the needs of the nation by their labour, then 20 million national citizens have solved the problem of their unemployment!

And let all those who still labour for meager pay join the ranks of those who have begun to labour for free so that no one in Argentina will go without having his or her basic needs well looked after! And watch how quickly your productivity will produce extended leisure time for you to enjoy your family outings and fine vacations at your favourite destinations within your own country!

Don't wait for politicians to do it for you! They have already amply demonstrated their subservience to the New York banker and are a hopeless lot when it comes to leading a country out of the quagmire of a financial mess.

Sweep the money mess out of the country and begin doing what in the past money had compelled you to do! If that is what you do without conditions then you have for yourselves recaptured paradise and entered back into the fold of nations belonging to the Federation of Free Planets! And in that manner have you adopted the intergalactic order of stellar economics!!


Comment by Reni Sentana-Ries, July 15, 2015

Argentina in 2003 is Greece in 2015. If people only understood the nature of a paradisaical economic order WITHOUT MONEY, then no time would ever become wasted in street demonstrations.