(035) Exportation of CFR/Pentagon Wickedness into Space is utterly Forbidden! (An Allegory) 


July 14, 2015

The following is just a warning and a reminder to those who quietly finance the Area 51 Nevada and Colorado endeavors:

"It was on the fine summer morning of... at which time these were those two who so were designed to ready themselves for take-off, and with script in hand they made way to board their everyday craft ‘Stocktaker’ (this is the fictional name we will give the space module) for more contemptual work aboard the higher plane of iniquity.

"But these two resource takers found within their ego of contentious desire that belittling desire to format all those non-effectual discs and to send them out into the atmosphere in order to gain within themselves the sublime manufacturing of symbolism to credit the earthen civilization with for the purpose of re-examining their priorities with the greatest respect ever, brought about by the nature of the technology of mankind himself, to witness those most extraordinary implementations and plans of those so far out in the planes of universal inhabitation.

 "(This is geared down to your understanding and is formed in the epic of a parable for all, who have eyes to see and the mind of understanding).

"Now these two men, warriors we shall call them, strove to venture out into the vast limitless in order to follow up on whatever informational package which the discs would bring home to them. When all was in place, then they proceeded to board one of the finest star-craft the world has ever known and laid in a course for the Numeranium System.

"Now as the story goes, the people of the Numeranium System were conceived of a number of flesh and blood think-tanks who at all cost supplanted within their own technological expanses those safeguards which to-wit would always download into their craniums of less than contentious desire, at that point anyway, those ideals of the humans which were outward-bound on their crusade through the stars until the domain of their expanse of planetary guards.

"In simple language then, we will conclude exactly what was the occurrence when these two species met.

"First we have the Earth's warring fragments of consciousness, warring out the activities of those meteor-bound consensus of the Excalibur design. This simply meaning that to-wit on their way unto the highest galaxy content within the continuum, they, with their ideals and intentions intact thought within themselves to take by force all those impeding civilizations who in fact would not wish to join them in their excavations into the wilderness of the galaxy.

"And on the other hand we have the Britons which do in fact elaborate quite intensively on the fact that the polar regions versus the Southern Polar Pact would in due time as of the short past formulate itself into the intention that every surviving and living creature upon such planets who desire inhabitation would in due time be left of the extinct pattern of changes.

"It matters not, however, for the second faction decided that mind power was indeed the limitless factor which impeccably in formulated theory would serve best to gain them clear passage and credentials within the full texture of the vastly unlimited universal structure.

"So, what exactly did happen, when the two forces met for the first time? Mind over matter, that's what!

"You see, it is always the greater good which in the end must limit itself unto the planning devices of the negative forces for the providing of valuable teaching lessons! That is all.

"Meditate upon this and squirm in your seat as we do, for the full impact will indeed hit upon your consciousnesses as to the exact and plymouth extent of this occurring as soon as mankind has reached a mode in his technological advances, and then proceeds to plan out his strategic mission to infiltrate his ghastly nuance into the stars!

"Well, this will not be allowed to occur, and through this short story we hope you will take reasoning time to understand just exactly why we of the northern and southern hemispheric locations could not allow this for the third time around!

"Now you have an insight as to what would happen, and you must agree it is breath shattering. But folly has never won out, and we of the platitude will, in order to best serve those precious inhabitants of the mother Earth plateau, keep all docking in check."

“This is KONTEU in the offing for platitudes of story-breaking in fictional theory (allegory), signing off on all known frequencies.

“In case anyone has broken into this story, it must be of the remaining power for this intended ... alone.

“Salu to all for a Good Day (new dawn) breaking.”

 (Scribed by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, December 16, 1994, Ryley, Alberta, Canada)