(034) Can we wrap our mind around the Depth of our Forefathers’ Words?


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Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, July 8, 2015

This is a word from the Mancharians on mind evolution, discernment between good and evil, not missing our (flying) boat at the time of the Equinox, and our challenge to essentially be "good" people.

The text is a bit difficult, but the concepts in it are great to broaden our understanding. Time here seems to be buried in the presence as though our successful evolution has already happened - seeing we will eventually "get there" even if some fail this time around.




MANCHARIANS: You must prove to us your godhood, beloveds, in order that you not be shelved entirely for another twelve millennia or so, relearning all those set universal criteria for progression back unto the learning tablets of the past!

And this we do implore ye, each One, to subjectively strive to the best of your own known ability and forsake not another toward your pathway of projection, for in the end each One will make it - haphazardly or not at first - such as a child who takes of its first steps out into a new atmosphere of decisive living coordinates, while others' graduation on along with the rest who have already performed of themselves in the eyes of the stars of the galaxies that indeed are they well prepared to integrate into an equal societal structure of their own maturity.

Are you a god? You will see when we leave here! Your solar system did just as well eons of your time ago, and now is the testing begun all over again for many of ye fine ones of our own flesh and blood!

Godhood is a liability if it is not attained through the righteousness of spirit, wisdom, understanding, and guidance from those of the gods who have lived their lives where you now reign and have learned that good (in your words) vs. negativity must work hand in hand in respective compliance to conquering all that must justly work for the favour of the good.

So it is no more than complying with the hieroglyphical teachings of Nostradamus of whom we penned through by our own legitimate "theory," for we have lived and loved and learned just as you will, and in times past did we once fall short “of the glory of god," so to speak, and didst we miss of our own evacuation!

But that is all so long past! But a product gained is one not soon forgotten, and so we beseech thee all, beloveds, that you shelter yourselves from the storm of the beach which is soon to arise, and filament away not your very last chance to sequest a place for yourselves in rapid attire before you see of yourselves to placidly gain control over another swift movement of the round-about on the wheel of many more lifetime displayals before your boat of rescue comes about again to test your theory on mankind's dogma against ours!

Excerpt from “Beyond the Firmament” by the Mancharians, scribed via verbatim dictational telepathy by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries in 1995 while in Tempe, Arizona, USA.