(032) A Scribed Warning to America  



Posted as a "note" on Facebook July 4, 2015

Scribed on September 22, 2002


... War is a season whereby it never proclaims the correct doctrine toward that of hu-mankind when the personification of excellence is clouded by warplanes, tanks, and distinctly unpleasant smells and sounds of American chemical and biological warfare.

And the Americans need to be told this until it is coming out of their eyes, ears, nose, and throat, for if they do naught listen the day will surely come upon them where the tandem arises out of the center of the earth and portrays to the height of the Universe itself with far flinging boats of sky range equipment which has never once been seen by the eye nor heard by the ear of any HU-man being upon the earth of all earths, Angorius.

Naught even One single being which inhabits this earth today will have known about the strategic employment of those from far off other worlds within the Andromeda Galaxy

And god help HU-mankind who have abused any of the extraterrestrials, as ye call he and I, and many more, for it was well written in the days past that only a segment of excellence would be known unto those with true enlightenment in their hearts.

- Commander Captain Uthrania Seila of the Federation of Free Planets.

Scribed in verbatim telepathy by Uthrania Seila for the Unified Federation of Starships (September 22, 2002, 3:45 pm MDST)

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Comment by Reni Sentana-Ries, June 9, 2016

We may yell ourselves hoarse, but we will never stop screaming out into the Universe for America to stop its wars against weaker  yet peace-loving nations and cultures from other lands!