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Please do not fail yourselves. Your future in bliss depends on succeeding to learn truth.


(029) Graduate from Visual Fascination for UFO Sightings

to Acceptance of the Words their Crew Members have given!   


June 20, 2015  

Hello, all my intrigued friends!

Many national governments refuse to give recognition of the presence of so-called unidentified flying objects (UFOs) simply because they are fearful of losing control over the population. The agenda of keeping people duped in all manner of false religious and political concepts takes priority with them before conceding to higher intelligence or giving recognition to a superior technology.

Yet millions have seen these craft and stood in amazement of aerial acrobatics they perform, or shapes they assume, or lights they display, and so has this writer, but now the time has come where standing in mere awe of UFOs should no longer be our only emotional reaction to their presence.

These craft are operated by people who for the most part related to us and look like you and I and who wish to be heard by us, simply because they carry with them a message for our intellectual and spiritual growth, and they wish to no longer be viewed as mere aerial acrobats. Therefore cease standing there in mere visual amazement and begin listening to the words their operators wish you to know and take them to heart for your own good!

In over 500 presentations of scribings and several books we have given you their words, and this fact is our opportunity to shift our minds into gear and permit them to increase our knowledge and broaden our minds for a more accurate glimpse into the universe and its functions.

Take also full advantage of the writings of Billy Meier and those of George Adamski, or of “Dharma” (Doris Ekker, now deceased). Their words are words from the ships we admire in our skies. Most recently it has been Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, the telepath and scribe who has given us in most abundant fashion the words of starship commanders and captains in an effort to prepare all humanity for the coming of the end of this world.

We also have now the words of our creators, the Mancharians, to learn from, which will help us setting our understanding straight in concepts and definitions. Their words apply to us people on earth and yet are true anywhere in the universe as well.

While it is certainly easier to feast our eyes on a fantastic display of celestial acrobatics, yet it is more important now to embrace the words coming from those who have given us these visual treats and for us to put our minds in gear for a healthy understanding of what they elect for us to know by the words which they have given so freely with love.