(028) The Secret of the New Era 


A banker's harvest: POVERTY FOR THE PEOPLE


May 5, 2015

When Argentina came under severe pressure from the international bankers between 1998 and 2002 and I was looking upon the plight of the Argentinean people and feeling sorry for them, I wrote what I intended for President Eduardo Duhalde an address to his people in order for him to provide the leadership the Argentineans expected to guide them out of this awful situation of starving in the midst of their own abundance.

Among other thoughts my introduction to the article said: Argentina has run out of time to experiment with financial acrobatics in search for a solution which perhaps could please the IMF or World Bank! What President Eduardo Duhalde must do is address the people of his nation on television and over all radio stations and speak to them in perhaps the following words:


January 18, 2002

"My dear brothers and sisters of the soon-great-to-be nation of Argentina!

"I am speaking to you, my people, from a heart of a concern for the physical welfare and well-being of all people of Argentina, and I want to see you happy again and placed into an economic environment conducive of all manners of enjoyment of life itself without feeling the sting of guilt in doing so!

"My people, you do have hands to labour with, so use them! You do have feet to carry you, so let them take you where you wish to go! You have a contribution to make to your nation, so be what you wish to be: a baker, a farmer, a mechanic, an engineer, a merchant, a store owner, a delivery driver, a refinery worker, a bus driver, a landlord, a factory worker, a seamstress, a teacher or a house wife looking after your small children!  

"Be, what you want to be, my people, and provide for your nation all that is required of you as a contribution to a whole, and if you do that, you, my people, will not go hungry, for there will be food on your table! There will be goods in your store houses, there will be teachers to teach your children and bus drivers to take you where you wish to go!

"Do all this without condition and without asking for money as payment for your services. what you will find is that people will give to you what you need for the comfort of your life as their contribution to you and all, in appreciation for having all their own needs filled in abundance!

"When you do this you will find that your landlord will not ask you for rent monies, for all his needs of repair and maintenance are being met by those who give to him as carpenters, plumbers, roofers or what have you for the restoration of his building!

"As a nation we can no longer afford to let you, our people, starve in the midst of abundance, just because the foreign banker wants it so! Your stress level will quickly go down, and soon you will rediscover for yourselves that life has become worth living once again!

"What I as your President and benefactor expect you to do is go and be what you are, whether a student in University, a teacher of children, or a builder of houses! And let all those whose jobs have become redundant due to the absence of any money system in Argentina at all retrain themselves in occupations where their input to society at large becomes beneficial to the prosperity of society as a whole! However, my people, do not withhold from any man, woman, or child, that which he or she is asking for, for as long as you have resources to meet the demand.

"I thank you for listening to my words today.

"I have instructed all government officials to give you guidance in case certain aspects of our new economic order are unclear to you. And should grievances or disputes arise among you as you begin to re-learn what paradise is all about then my officials will provide efficient counsel as how to resolve any matter expeditiously.

"All governmental authority with regard to internal matters will remain intact until our nation runs like a well-oiled machine.

 "My blessings and love be with you all!"

 (Written in EDMONTON, January 18, 2002, by Reni Sentana-Ries, Grand World Counselor)


Comment by Reni Sentana-Ries, May 10, 2015

I am puzzled by the phenomenon of seeing people in high places elevating Lucifer to a position of prominence when it comes to building the "New Age" and how it should be done under the precepts of the New World Order (NWO) doctrine. David Spangler is one of them who is said to have left his imprint on the New Age movement of today. Here is quite a chilling statement which is attributed to him.