Be good, because the Universe is watching!


(027) Beware of what you do or say! THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING! 




April 26, 2015

In order to take this headline as a warning we must understand two aspects whereupon the Universe is founded:

1)               The first one is its moral division between good and evil – a fact which permeates all dimensions -

2)               and the second one is the fact that all matter is interconnected in a manner where distance is irrelevant.

Everything our eyes can see is part and parcel of this Universe, and since our eyes perceive only a narrow bandwidth of light, there is much in the Universe which we simply don’t see, and yet it is there.

Pertaining to created life forms size also does not matter since the molecular complexities designed into them are always a given fact: THEY ARE COMPLICATED!

The moment we see matter we must remember IT IS ALIVE!!  The Universe IS ALIVE, the earth IS ALIVE, the animals ARE ALIVE, and THE PEOPLE ARE ALIVE!  That fact places on us a responsibility we must learn to live up to: LEARN TO RESPECT THAT WHICH IS ALIVE!

Can we do it: RESPECT THAT WHICH IS ALIVE? Our ethical quality depends on how well we can answer that question in the positive! And so, the term “ethical quality” we use here takes us back to the earlier-mentioned reality of GOOD vs. EVIL.

I hope this was not too long an introduction to what I really want to say.

For the last few weeks I have lived alone in this house. I enjoy my privacy, but thought comes “Am I really alone? No one sees me, no one hears me, there is no one to talk to me, but am I really alone?”

I concluded: No, I am not alone, THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING ME.  Through my physical body I am connected to the Universe, and the Universe is watching me, and my thoughts, the words I speak to myself, the thoughts I am thinking, it sees what I feel in my soul. I am really an open book to all unseen evolved entities from anywhere in the Universe who have elected to focus their attention on me for whatever reason.

To them I cannot have secrets, and their access to all I really am cannot even be called “an invasion of privacy” simply because they have earned the right to connect with all I am and be my benefactors – seeking to make of me the best I ever long to be.

What I have spoken of as applying to myself is a given fact to all of us: WE ARE ALL BEING WATCHED BY THE UNIVERSE, and truly that insight ought to scare the living daylight out of some – simply because by the words some speak, and by the deeds some do, and by the thoughts they think, and by the philosophy they live, THEY ARE MANIFESTING THEIR WORLD AS BELONGING INTO THE REALM OF EVIL.

Translating this realization into our world of today – what do we see? We see some endowed with power and see them use it for the good of the people under their care.

Then we see others endowed with power likewise who use it to make the lives of people under their watch a living hell. They are the ones who need to be reminded that THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!!

We see fathers misusing their authority in the family.. THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see farmers who brutalize domestic animals under their care.. THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see men raping women... THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see judges ruling outside of justice... THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see lawyers lying for their clients... THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see religious institutions where wickedness is being taught... THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see soldiers killing for sport and enjoying it.. THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see people being tortured in detention centers... THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

We see politicians ordering the wanton bombing of densely populated areas... THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

And we also see other politicians at the helm of empires who misuse technology for killing their fellow human beings.. AND ON THEM THE EYES OF THE UNIVERSE ARE ALSO TRAINED!

My list of evil manifestations is brief and could be expanded nearly endlessly, however this is enough to make my point very clear: DO NOT MANIFEST YOUR LIFE IN THE NEGATIVE EXPRESSION, FOR THE UNIVERSE IS WATCHING AND WILL SEND BACK ONTO YOUR OWN HEAD MANIFOLD OF THE DEEDS WHICH YOU SO CARELESSLY ADMINISTER ONTO THE HEADS OF OTHERS!

All words you speak and the plans you and your secret society patrons concoct behind closed doors are being recorded in the minds of those who have earned the right to see what you are doing!


Be good, because the Universe is watching!