(025) "We have a right to be your teachers!"  

(014.) Subtitled: We are a Mancharian creation!


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, January 27, 2017:


With authority are the Mancharians teaching us now. They are introducing themselves as OUR CREATORS, and because we are their children and creation, the Mancharians assert their right to tell us where we are going wrong!

The following words are a verbatim transcript, telepathically received and typed into a computer file by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries on the date as shown.

December 28, 2013, 2:30 pm

The Mancharians:  “Greetings, loves, and chelas,” as so many good masters say.

We are the Mancharians, and as such are we so highly responsible for all those good deeds and words coming out of our pens.

“Hello,” as they also say, and now on with our quirks, for we are unlike you in so very many ways as to say we are your creators and god-folk and protectors is true, but we are of a most advanced culture and, yes, so do ye all belong to us: flesh of our DNA patterns with a little crook in each seminal sperm and floral egg, and so on as we go.

Now, today or night, whichever you are at in your sequential time slot, we are going to once again provide you with truth form once again.

The elementals of the air, fire, water, and earth are the nominal wantons of each of the universes, and in particular we wish you to know better your creators divine, for we are your god parents, your parents, your creators in every aspect!

For the fauna, the plants, the sea creatures, the grass, the air molecules abound, and every which way you look at the material and physical, spiritual and souls, the soul body which you find yourself encased in the physical, have we developed, designed, and scientifically created just before we looped around the galaxy for a last look at our creation of which you, the parents of others upon those small earths and that of Angorius (Planet Earth), have always been of our utmost desire.

In training you up we have weaned you off your life’s essence of derogatory initiations and wished for the umpteenth time that you - all of you - would please begin to grow in development to the highest range of intelligence and gesture toward others of such mostly hybrid form, to emulate - not ourselves - but to BECOME OURSELVES IN THE ONENESS OF ALL KNOWN AND UNKNOWN CREATIONARY INTENT OF GOODNESS AND MANEUVERABILITY TOWARD THE GOODNESS OF HUMANKIND AND ALL OF OUR CREATION!

We know of your weakness in your complex DNA maneuverability, for as you continue on with your lessons being bodied over and over again until your experiences become complete, so do we askew over the pronounced fact that ye ones are still not ready yet to accept our teachings, for you prefer to askew your own way apart from ourselves, and in doing so do the majority of you travel down a highway instead of up the highway of rigorous reform, and to wit today do we ask ourselves if the crooked gene within your oh so hybrid attire beckon each one of you off the beaten track, and when we see you go awry, so do we weep with shame at your attempt not to see yourselves cordially with us soon once again.

(Mancharians weep. – Uthrania)

Despondent are ye at times - at many times - upon your journeyings, and this is perhaps the greatest tribulation upon your own souls, put there many times not by others indeed only, but by the traversing the galaxies through the vortexes by yourselves.

In the twinkling of eyes, the nose, the breath, the sight untouched by the hard lessons of life do you born once again of the female and male, for both are heated substances which make you whole, and the spirit, the flame which concocts your soul into fire and alive from its slumber once again. But do you, our hybrids, tend upon ever coming home to us? Yet you speak of a “God” person in your heavens! But how can there only be one of us and so many different races of you?

Do you think then that genre does no longer matter, and the crooked lifeless chromosome will rebirth the still life in the baby where the spirit did not enter to flame the soul into action?

How much more do we know than you, little life-listless ones? Did we after all not furnish the apple upon the tree and the grapes upon the vine, the tomatoes and the herbs, and all for your enjoyment and nourishment?

And yet you make wine and drunken yourselves upon the product instead of making solid feet soap and paste out of it and only keep a little grape sauce for merriment and holistic accomplishment - a little at a time - a little at a meal. That is a good accomplishment for you and a good and healthy heart medicine, and we have enjoyed providing it for you with the knowledge that you will receive of our knowledge in how to provide and bake it into fruit pastries - all the fruit we create for yourselves and others.

We are the Mancharians, and we delight in teaching our prodigy, for you are made of the physical essence of ours alone, and we have the right to be your teachers!

We have the god-given right to teach you anything we know, but many of you still decide to turn away and not learn anything because you are a cantankerous lot and one we should not have created, for you wish to follow after sages and gurus who also do not listen but just sit there with their hands in the air and mystify others with their so-called sensibilities, but when it comes to the simple truth that we are here and we are all there is in creator-hood, they cannot understand Nirvana in the least.

For Nirvana is not so much a place to go as they teach, but Nirvana is a lesson which bespeaks of meditative power. But do the gurus and Christian sages teach of meditative ambiance which takes you out of your physical body and back into the lesson hall of experiences? Not in the least! For what power do you display after so much meditative quality or wise saying from those already ‘elevated’ back into the pinnacles of another’s delight?

Can you beset the storms in their tracks? Can you change the weather as it rains, cloud the sun when it shines? Can you stop a raging water as the rains gather and it flows downhill to an encampment below? Are you able to foster the weather where the beasts of the field will not die? Or have you only begun to learn these secrets? Do you even care?

The Master said, and another Master told, and another Master advised, and so on, that if you thought with both sides of the hemisphere of both sides of your gray matter, your brain, and you knew which was the wind, you could shift it but with a thought!

But you wrote about it, and you wrote down the words with little to ne’re understanding, and you wrote it all down wrong to the accomplishment of your mind power to the understanding of which you had none, and you lost the virgin truth of what had been once said, and as you did so you lost the very essence of Alchemy, and today those who speak of such things - save a very few who work with us - know nothing of the Arts of what you call mysticism.

For mysticism is not the place of the Arts, but you have made the simple arts mysticised, and all because the initiates who wrote it down and many other Master’s Arts of which many were women, who also worked for us, for there is no difference between male and female, for all are one in substance, state, and body, wrote for the belittled ones who belittled the people into believing such acts “of faith” belonged only to “God,” to “God’s people,” to enslave them and take their power away from them. And so they set up gurus and sages of their own loins and intents, and the people allowed themselves to be led a-strayed as sheep on the water of pasture, and the green grass was something they walked upon but could never have, for in the distance were their steps retraceable home.

But they did not know the way, for they listened to false fables which took their powers away, and these false fables came passed up though the centuries by the greatest liars who ever lived and passed through the tenements of societal structure.

And day after gruesome day did the sheep continue in their procreating, and night after night did they speak to “a God,” not knowing “God” was plural in the essence of the Mancharians of us who are ONE GOD, made of many essences, therefore being of the gods and goddesses of ONE CREATIONARY ABILITY, AND HOW YE ONES HAVE BEEN DUPED UNTIL NOW, for the culinary arts and wine building semen have all brought down to the lowest level once again the basic truth, and that truth is: NOW YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR REAL PARENTAGE, AND WE DO LOVE OF YE ALL!!