(024) Captain Hatonn's Open Letter to all Telepaths anywhere on this Planet

 By starship Commander Hatonn

September 1995, Tempe, Arizona


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries:  The information which follows was telepathically received through Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries in September 1995 and is intended for all telepaths as well as those interested in the subject.  

Question by Reni Sentana-Ries: Can telepathic frequencies be monitored by Government listening devices?  

Commander Hatonn: Thank you for your strictest accomplishment of the time schedule. Let us now proceed.  

Indeed, if the Government could equip themselves with a memorandum of frequency wave length lines, it would be only to their own detriment, as all frequencies put forth by the Brotherhood of Light, shall we call ourselves, to engage within our frequencies and theirs upon the starships would only serve to pronounce to the detriment of the governmental standards triplicate undoing of their own stealth equipment gauges.  

What am I talking about at this point? Precisely this: the standard frequency of 4.7 megahertz, which we are capable of using in a radius equivalent to that of a small radio of theirs, would only serve to send out less monitored contrivances in the pickup of their equipment.  

You see, Seila, here is the problem, or rather their problem: Though they at times do indeed pick up altered frequencies, they by no means have at their disposal the means to decipher the hieroglyphic linguistical content of which we are so famous for!    

So, hindsight alluded to here, it would be an answer to which a “yes” and a “no” are securely placed. Yes, they can in certain instances pick up our beam rays from our ships in the skies to the mechanism within your delicate cranium, which by the way, can never be removed without the possibility of relinquishing forever a continuation of extraction from the brain cavity itself. You would die, in other words, any more than a rotary engine aboard a stargazing mechanism could be displayed without sanctions providing a curriculum of controversial subject material of exactly how that machine would continue to work at all.  

So you see here, the dilemma placed in front of their eyes would always curtail their ingenious methodology of trying to extract the simplistic messages in a simplistic manner, for without the guide, or channel in this case, deciphering the mechanisms of what exactly we put down to you, for instance, would be regimented as a non-interfering modulm.

It is impossible, except for a few elect, to engage within the frequencies for the sole purpose of indoctrinating the informational packets into that of a language equivalent to that of foreign exchange into English, only in this case much harder, if not impossible, to do so.  

Monitoring channels of the fifth degree is an ongoing occurrence with the Military Might Department which rules over the engaging sophrites so intent on eliminating for themselves all those occurrences of which they are unable to reach. But here again, precaution has indeed hit home, for they have long realized that to harm a channel physically with intention to rub out the source of the material has in the past gotten them nowhere, for preludes do have a way of protecting interests on both sides of the field!  

Undoubtedly the majority contend themselves with enforcing less strict regime upon the backs of their scientists by strictly employing channels periodically in the helping of them out. Neutral source, of course, for eclipted among the starseeds are those traitors to the cause who without adept permission from the High Council have portrayed us to be of the ‘gray’ mission from time to time. Then the information brought down under circumstances such as these will leave the scientists more or less with an imbalance of thoughts, rather than attaining to the full scope of memorandum of which is their right. To come out front with their desire of learning intricate designing would label them indeed within the crucible of possibilities, therewith leading them into a much needed and fuller encompassing of facts therein.  

So to do justice to both sides here we would caution you to always belie the suspiciousness of anyone who would offer a bigotry in light of expiring your greatest potential escapading in the form of doctrinal theory.

We will always advise whether or not we will be willing to work within their planetary action decidedly for the good of mankind! And there are some of which we are willing to take action in order to prove a helpmeet to.  

May we therefore suggest to you that if ever asked for documentation of resource figures, simply meaning “contact with certain frequencies,” make of the sureness that ye, each one, be of the showing of this document herewith written for them too!  

Thank you all for your attention on this midriff of informational data.

Hatonn out on frequency table 9.3 faraplex. Record time as showing 10:00 pm.   \

- Telepathically scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries. Telepathy is strongly DNA related