(A Parable) 

By Commander Hatonn


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries: On October 18, 2013, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries took down a verbatim telepathic scribing from Commander Hatonn in which he described human evolution in a parable. What follows are the Captain's words:  

 Captain Hatonn: Let us now look at creation through another eye, and I, Hatonn, the Esquire of another set of fools without end will lead all you kindergarten boys and girls on another ‘outer space’ journey.  

 Shall we now endeavor to see the frankness with which our planetary worlds behave to one another? (“To one another.” No mistake there, Peter, thank you for your courtesy in wishing to assist in correcting me. Just everyone hang on and give me a chance to notarize this just a little further.)  

 Now, most planetary worlds, it is true, are completed with the evolution of hybrids which in most cases are evolving just like you ones upon your earthen plane.  

 At one time we seeded them, and they grew like plants without water. They grew into weeds and do you know what happens to too many weeds when they do not suck up the living water of truth?   Of course you do! They wither and they die a physical death!   So we take of their souls and replant them again, and this time the sun comes out and they do not run and hide from the sun, the wind and the rain, for the wind tempers them and tests their strength. And so the weeds all pass from one stage into another.

 (Now, Jamie, make sure, my son, you get the bolding done on this ‘exquisitely,’ for we must make sure and guarantee good production as you have been well doing and to our satisfaction, and, Rania, quit reading this – just type, please. Read it later.)  

 From world to world do the lifestreams pass, and when the weeds finally come into fruitation and we see them turn back into the plants they were always meant to be, the flowers give of scent, the birds come forth, the bees and trees and lilacs have their way, and soon the beauty of the soul shines forth and meets the sunlight half way.  

When these plants come to their end in a physical sense, then we take them and plant them anew upon a world much more fitting toward their beauty, and customary as it may seem, those weeds - once beautiful plants - and become plants again, have fulfilled the cycle of all those wondrous lessons and are now planted after many experiences and lifestreams upon worlds of beginning paradisaical structure where the rain and the sun doth shine abundantly and the shade of the Pickalow tree is one which is of the most fascinating nature!  

 So, grouped together are they, but those who wish to remain weeds may also do so, for they have that freedom of choice to be great, or to be as a weed. After all, it is free choice which will always belong to them.  

 However be careful of the choice, being it freedom and liberty to enjoy nothing of much significance, or being beautiful and intelligent and working within the Federation of all Unified Worlds and Planets as One Great Source of Intelligence and Information to assist those of your own kin who really do look forward toward your information to assist them upward in their own evolution.   Do therefore, not lie to them any longer!    

And do not keep them as weeds!  

 P. S.:  On June 4, 1994, Commander Hatonn said:   "Find within each of yourselves the strength to march straight in the beaten path of the righteous. No matter what the cost of truth is - hold her in the greatest esteem and pay a high tribute to its force, for in the end each one of you will find yourselves accountable in fact and fiction upon your honest integrity in light of circumstantial events pertaining to the period at hand."    

 Lies we may speak keep not only us down, but also keep people around us as weeds.

Mar 8, 2015, 1:14 PM