(022) Hatonn Answers! (Soon No More Free Ride for Some at the Top)

By Commander Hatonn (scribed portion)


Introduction: Our team of three is very privileged because we have in our midst a telepath of exceptional ability in Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries who is also a Captain in the Federated Union of Starships. Through her ability we obtain answers from Captains and Commanders of galactic ships stationed in our atmosphere - as was done on one occasion in 2013 when I presented Captain Hatonn with the following question:    

August 15. 2013  6:30 pm  

Reni Sentana-Ries: I have never understood the reasons why in the presence of armed police forces and militaries in every country this planet remains under diabolical control of a few unarmed men operating in semi-secrecy, who are successfully empowered to make life for all people a living hell with the exception of a few of their own kind.  

 Can you explain to us why this can be, and what is missing in our human mindset to overturn this ridiculous situation?  

 Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: Well, Reni, this is a question very much up my own alley, as they might say, and I would securely reply in this way:  

 The plankton who run amok this planet are the same breed of Hellions who first migrated into this earth’s atmosphere and began to regulate the mind and theories of men and women at large.

 And what can be done to curtail these monsters of unethical compound?  

 We of the Stargazer Troop are back now with our weapons-in-large,

 And the day will come soon enough when those who run amuck with the leaders of the world population will be toppled from their high perches,  

 And there will be no place left for them to hide,  

 And we will gladly deliver them up to the people they caused so much suffering and pain to,  

And we will just as thoroughly guarantee to them that their ‘bunkers’ will hold none of their effects, for the massive stroke of the earth in quakes galore will rocket them all back to the surface with a sub terrain lava flow, which does NOT reach deep into the earth’s crust as so many of your seismatologists (seismologists) seem to think,  

 And the great towers of Babel (high-rise buildings) reaching high into the atmosphere will rocket on their haunches until the very glass crumbles all over the earth  

 And the giant space station which many occasional travels have bought their early tickets to will not be void of our intervention either,  

 And all Astro-Cosmonauts will be well looked after by our men and crew while the Redcoats in their livery join along with the head honchos of the precision boys in blue,   and one white elephant will be shot down never to revive its overly long trunk,  

 And of the teeth at the side, will be said that even elephant tusks were ‘sawed off’ and thrown into the dust-bin of all nuclear particles which they so love to spread about the earth.  

 And by then we will have done with it.

 Next question, please.   (Captain Hatonn takes a long drink of water. – Rania)  

 Hatonn's words scribed telepathically by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


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