(021) “Throw it All Out! And Start All Over Again!”

(Osama bin Laden’s honor restored)

By the Mancharians, scribed by verbatim telepathic dictation in 2005

March 17, 2005  3:56pm  


The Mancharians: Good Morning. We are of the Mancharian faction of the todayness of the instigation of all preliminary hearings due to occur shortly by the Highest Council of Artimus toward the inhabitants of Angorius, this, your earthen planet.

 Stricken from the record, from all records, are the preliminary hearings which have already manifested themselves toward the overlayers of the marketplace of design – the stock market - of which instigates the ills of all society against the peoples of Angorius, this, your most singularily and tiny earthen planet. Good Day.

 Now, in all simplified formation, Uthrania Seila, we shall indeed proceed. – The Mancharians, out.

 (3:59 pm)




The unfair advantage is salvaged throughout the earthern portions of the lands simply through the tackonion reliance of interstellar shooting-down-of-our-special-jetcraft-rounded-in-stature by the American and their counterpart British airliner take-offs.

 Now, we promised to keep this simple for all to severely understand, so a little for all is what we shall do.

 We are the Mancharians, holy in design, and the books will take off to the moon, so to most literally speak, and here is the design of all agricultural resonance to be forthcoming as a strong partaker even from the plains, the vast plains of Canada.  But beloveds, that is a story which will,  is soon, to take on a brand-new essence all of its own.

 We are the Mancharians, and the trakeon device inside each of your T.V. sets and computer larsonges are about to take on a new - a brand new - liability all of their own, at least until the Commanders of long ago decide they have all had enough, quite enough, of ‘American transparency’ into their own homes, the United Nations, and their offices – enjoined with one another or NOT! (Next line please).  

 We are the Mancharians. We are your brothers as well as your sisters who have long dwelled upon the face of other planets in an effort to evolve ourselves as well as you into what and who you now are.

 We are the Mancharians, and smile with a true affection toward each one of you, for you, enlikened to each of us, will also one day join us in the great sea of the true humanity, and you likewise will be called the Newest Civilization of the Mancharians, the Enlightened Group, and the Group of Stargazers into an even higher dimension of living standards of reality – physically speaking, and otherwise.

 We are the Mancharians, and we have come  to enlighten the each one of you through our various scribes, Osamah bin Laden of the House of.. Al-Sa’ud being one. Good Day. 

 We are the Mancharians, and long have we been so sorely accused by the humanity we serve the Truth formats unto, as dealing with those, some of those, whom the humanities on one side of the border or not, so to speak, consider worthy or unworthy to hold such position.

 We are the Mancharians, and as being such we hold strictly unto the minds and soul bearings of those who wish to serve, and their heart belong unto the goodness of all creation, and belong to us.

 Please place in his quotation please, Uthrania Seila, for it is a quote well worth remembering!

 “Never ask people to speak what is not in their hearts!” - Osamah bin Laden Al-Sa'ud”

 We are the Mancharians, and we wish to begin this “book,” as you call it, and we must now keep unto the simplest of formations in all linguistical style gates, for even the smallest interpreter, or reader, must be now able to understand. Let us proceed on with the new title chapter in the Oneness of all Creation: Here is the beginning of the earthen astrology law or principle, as we love to call it in the format of the Parliamentary Rehabilitation: “Throw it all Out! And Start All Over Again!”

 He was one of the most honorable men that ever walked the earth! (And, no, he did not bring the towers down!).