(020) "Commander Hatonn, who is on top of the global conspiray ladder?"

Taken from one of our question-and-answer sessions with Commander Hatonn

March 29, 2020

Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries

We feel very privileged to be able to ask questions of common interest and get reliable answers from captains and commanders on intergalactic starships. The means of our communications back and forth is verbatim telepathy, and that should not be a surprise inasmuch as this methodology has in the past been used by gifted people in this field, and their writings have since been widely acknowledged as authentic prophecy.

And here the telepathic scribings by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries lack not behind in quality of among those of the most revered prophets of the past. Dismissing the information coming from this source is done at the peril of those who have chosen to walk the road of contempt for truth published here.

In 1995 I wished to know who is at the top of all the trouble-making in this world. What follows is the answer given to us by Commander Hatonn, the famous “infiltrator” among those who misuse their positions of money and power for the purpose of keeping the world population in perpetual slavery.

Question: (6) RENI: With reference to the powerful "few" and their organizations like the International Bankers, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the City of London, the Council on Foreign Relations, AIPAC, the Scull and Bones, the Trilateral Commission, and so on, can you identify for us as to who or which organization represents the "snake's head" from where the atrocities upon the people are concocted and their programs are ultimately enforced? Militarily speaking, who gives the orders? Who's on Top of the Ladder?

HATONN: The “snake” is on top of the ladder, no doubt! But here again, who and what is Blinkensop? Is it not enforced through the very debauched mind waves so endowed to so few? But this is not really your question, I know. 

In order to submit the generalities of the exact probability of who here exactly is in charge, we would simply say to you: the BILDERBERGERS!

Why with such strict enforcements upon the backs of so many? And why indeed have we not even gone so far as to allude to those most probable names of such as Rothschilds, Hamingrades, or the Polar Regions? Exactly, for the point here is, that no manifestation of criteria, which has been acquitted into a possible forum of ultra accomplishments has ever been put forth as a continuum of debatum in its full entirety!

Does this really need explaining then?


“Well within the essence of hierarchical instruction, we have forfeited the right of acclaiment into the most profitable hands of the Esquires of Doomsday, who, at this time period in our history, have profited themselves bountifully, even beyond the call of our duty, to subsequently perform an inundated retraction of all squandering done by even those of us in the higher echelon.

“This is a mandatory effort in its design, and has coordinated itself within the fortified Protocols of our Brothers, in an effort to exceed even those criteria of thought!

“This document therefore lies in the hands of those solid agenda holders, and is henceforth attributed to the Bilderbergers with an exact duplication to be held by the High Council of Instructional Witnesses.

"Signed this day, 26 September 1994. 3:00 pm."

(End Quote)

- Telepathically scribed via verbatim telepathy by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, 1995.