(018) A Word to Americans and the British



By starship Commander Melix, (2002 A.D.)


Commander Melix:  Good. Uthrania, just put down as a token reminder these few Words for us if you will:


“Greetings! (the Krilleons speaking).


“World Inhabitants, and especially at this time the Americans and Britons.


“If people would pay more attention to world affairs and describe accurately the horror the Palestinians peoples are facing daily, then that little bit of care would have most certainly alerted even the most unastute person in the western hemisphere as well as Europe, and South America, that someone was wrong with their own nations and government when those governments turned their military and police forces upon the people.”  


“Thank you, scribe. Please sign off. Adieu to ye too, loved little One.”


Uthrania: But I am the scribe. 


Commander Melix: We know. Good Night. 


“Scribed Quotation by the Pen and the Hand Of We, The Krilleons, as we work in the unity of All Universal Oneness of Time!”


- Uthrania Seila, Head and Senior Advisor to mine Own Holy Saudi Anointed King Prince Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz Al-Saud,


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