(016) Glimpse into a Paradise Described in Simple Terms


By the Mancharians, 2013


INTRODUCTION by Reni Sentana-Ries:   The Mancharians are our evolved forefathers and

 foremothers, and look like us. They say they are our creators, and we believe that is indeed so.  

It is our responsibility to become what they are now as they enjoy the beauties of the 16th to 17th

 dimension of celestial glories. But we must do our part and take the first step toward building paradise

 for ourselves, for that they will not do for us.  

What follows is their description of getting to the lowest rung of paradise as we aspire to achieve it and

 begin to build it for ourselves.  


MANCHARIANS: First of all, you will not need to bring attire when you come. You will be furnished with another brand new body, unless you are in the evacuation process from another under-evolved society and have earned your degree from the school of hard knocks.  

 Secondly, you will not be utilizing a cash-based system, for all will be provided for you to engage a living out of in full regards to your own talents and gifts. Many will assist you in rebuilding a house for yourself upon the face of Nectar,  your new home planet.  

There will be no swearing, nor cussing, nor crude linguistics as you are entitled to living and

 enjoying life upon a reasonable world with reasonable people and personages. There will always be a

 hand of good-will and a smile upon engaging others.  

The cashless stores you may well wish to attend will have drawers with items, and you will enlist

 your own for others to benefit from, so in this wise nothing is ever for free.

This is not a society where people wait and leech off others as a beggar on a stool without giving back. And earning one’s way no matter what one’s talents are, they will always benefit the other. This is the way of life in paradise, and this is only the very first level.  

Paradise means to not be acquisitioned to return to the base or lower levels of humanity or below the human endeavor such as being less than Holy Universal men, women and children.  

Paradise means you are now fit to associate with others of your race without contention in the least.

Race means not the colour nor cosmetics of your skin and creed, but rather others of HUmanity.

(Holy and Universal)


Oh what fun you will have enjoying life without conflict, life without toil working at jobs and duties you abhor, but rather utilizing all your being into talents and jobs which best suit your creative ability and actually having others appreciate that which you do. A great accomplishment indeed, and one well earned!  

Now what about travel in paradise? Well you will be allowed and guaranteed travel to other worlds of your own inkling and genre but not to worlds which have already cultivated paradise for themselves upon higher levels. You must wait for that challenge and up the stakes when it is your turn to not be waiting behind. Each rung or level will be climbed and earned!  

Sanctuously, will you not remain behind when the ship is about to leave. Many cigar ships are there as transportation vehicles. You will be the passengers, and you will go to worlds where some races still exist but are not quite at the paradisiacal level as yet, as intermingling well with other races and cultures. These worlds will you thoroughly enjoy due to the unique passion of each society.  

You will learn tolerance to an even greater degree, and a bounty of good works will you see yourself

do unto others such as showing them your own creative works you have markedly left spontaneously for

others upon other digestive worlds.  

You will make many friends, yet those friends will not be allowed as yet to attend your world, not until

they have fastened their own seatbelts to the upper levels of worlds which have ensured they belong to the

paradisaical union of the Federation of Free Planets or other counties and provinces or states of

other worlds and their nations.  

Instrumentation, flying lessons, grammar throughout the main tenure of instruction enabling you to

better converse with other societies will all be at your disposal!  

Well, that will be all for now. A mouthful to chew in many little spoonfuls. We enjoy teaching our children, for children is all you are to us. Good Day, Good Night, and sweet dreams. All is not a dream. All is a reality - askew!  

We are the Mancharians, and we are through for the day. Please do your signing off for us, little one, and Adieu, as so many of us say!  

Uthrania: Closing down telepathic frequency wave Gulf 4, 10. Station Gitzstaf 10.4 at 4:25 pm  

(End quote)  

From our book A Voice Beyond Reason, scribed from the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-



(Paradise is not only beautiful scenery. It is living in a righteous society, being responsible,

 contributing with your talents, being loving and respectful to all around you, and being open to an

 ever-increasing amount of knowledge coming from those who have traveled the road before us.)

January 13, 2014, 9:41 am