(from "A Voice of Reason")


by the Mancharians, Creators of all Human Races



INTRODUCTION (by Reni Sentana-Ries):   Whether we like it or not, the Mancharians from the Gitzstaf constellation are our creators, and at this particular critical time in mankind's history they assert their authority in a never-before-heard-of sharp manner.   When they speak of being sorry to ever have created us, then it behooves us sit and pay attention! Our eternal welfare is at stake if we don't.  


The text following was telepathically scribed verbatim and recorded by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez at the date shown here in Ryley, Alberta, Canada.    





January 5, 2014 2:58 pm


The bottomless black hole is where the majority of you are yet at. Your scientists are found to worry about black holes in the fabric torn by illusions not, but by the very metrometer of space/time continuum without worrying as to how it, the tear, got there in the first place.  


Memorandum, Jamie, is the first thing on anyone’s agenda which encrypts the fulsome possibility that the rankings on anyone’s site permeating the cause and effect of any one circumstance yet left unattended by understanding is of no consequence if one does not even realize that the same one is offing in tailor-made facts that a black and blue hole ever existed in the torn fabric of life, soul’s life, in the first place!  


How much more in effort then should be taken in belonging to a fascinating Human race like ours? But instead you worry about black holes which are the result of the rip in the fabric of the universal firmament which your eyes are not as yet even capable of seeing!  


The fabric of life sequence is stretched beyond doubt, that is true, and so your soul bequeaths its own fabric and that fabric made up of light sources, DNA factuality within the engraving of the soul, engraved within the soul, is torn and ye ones do not seem in living within a torn society, or fabric torn, realize its damage to your creation on earthly habitable planets, nor do you realize the torn attributes of such society is raking your own fabric of soul structure through the coals.  


Just stop and think for a moment of what the Hellions are doing to the fabric of your creation:  


They instigate wars.  


They drop chemical substances such as white phosphorous on the elementals, or people. These substances serve to concretely and deftly tear awful holes in not only the bodily attire, but in itself, the soul, for the soul is made up of not only light fabric as you may see in auras, but the soul body is gauging itself into running roughshod over viruses and such through changing its molecular structure into a jelly like substance and even bending the light molecules deftly into a broader substance which allows many things to pass through it, such as bullets and metal aberrations.  


However, when yellow cake is performed upon the soul body, much destruction of the DNA follows. So you can see that in comparison to a bullet, or bomb, which has its most severe accomplishment to the detriments of the soul body, so does white cake compound in the austrocisies (probably “atrocities”) of forming a new helium compound in order that governments of the world will adhere to the Hellion devices or form it upon their heads.  


So does the yellow phosphorus adhere to retaining its glue-like substance, indicating that the soul’s molecules are directly related to gluing together other known substances, which, when the molecules are directly affected, will compound themselves with foreign bodies which may then take centuries of millennium, even eons to repair itself.  


This is why it is even stated among your theologians that those people and lands bombed and degraded by white phosphorous have ruined generations of reincarnations back into new bodies, for those new bodies cannot be procreated and generated as good and solid vessels due to the rampid weightlessness of each geom (genome?), which in effect simply means: the bodily flesh is ruined for reincarnational experiences except to say that those who drop such tainted material will one day insert into such new bodies of horror and experience one last incarnation upon the world before they expire that body into a genre of nothingness to finally come back to.  


In other words, dear ones, chelas, who are listening, they are finished! Their soul has ended, for after the lesson, you must well understand that we can no longer permit their existence among any other creatures of our nature and civilization.  


They have had more than generations to come back to our ways and yet have thrown the dirty dish water in our faces for the last and final time!   Good Day.


Put this on, Jamie, directly following the last, and we will presume another book promptly which you will integrate into the last. A new title will be given and we will let you chose. Good Day and Good Night. Tie off all frequencies Uthrania Seila Rania, and coordinate this together for our lad. Section out. Mancharians in Gitzstaf. Colorary 10 4.2.  


Uthrania: Tying off equal frequency Gitzstaf. Colorary 10 4.2 Overdraft. Telepathic frequency 4.9 Dupont 10 out. Adieu. 3:25 pm






What goes around, comes around.