(014) ISON..? Commander Hatonn: Get Your Priorities in Order, People!


By Reni Sentana-Ries, December 21, 2013


I got my ISON question in somewhat edgewise.


Uthrania presented it to Commander Hatonn, and the answer will make official what he thinks of people asking curiosity questions, and yet at the same time are disinterested in what else he and other Captains have to say about the people's most immediate future and the evolution of their souls.  




Okay, lesson learned... for those of us who see his point and don't discard the commanders' other words as worthless.    


Question by Reni for Commander Hatonn:  At present there is a big controversy of opinion raging here on earth over the true make-up of comet ISON. NASA and all government outlets call it a comet, a piece of floating rock radiating light. But many of the general population do not believe it, for they noticed lights from its center which indicate a space ship. Can you, Commander Hatonn, please enlighten us what the “comet” really is, and what the purpose of its appearance is?  


Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: ISON. That is interestingly enough, Reni, that qualms should still exist as to its formation when a ship is opaquely evident through any highly powered telescope. A comet, hey boy, which you see in your night skies?   Indeed is the Stargazer shown in many forms, so to speak, and to think that a spaceship would counter the sun at night and the moon in the morning is more than hilarious.


So, a ship can do many things, and so can man walking on another world, building another world and having starships all around.  


No, it is a ship, but a certain type of ship. We are building a digestive world. Digestive because of its rotation ‘around’ the sun and moon, and not the other way around.  


Can it become burned up? And how can life exist upon such a close world? Only because the inside of the world is magnetic in its policy which shift the waves of heat to the outer limits. A new experimental process is in the making, and all ships of gravitational weight on the far side of the planet will definitely escape the sun’s magnetic pulses.  


Uthrania: Commander, by what technology do the ships not burn up so close to the sun? And what is the ‘tail’ Sir?  


Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: Oh, is this ever fun trying to explain highly technical aberrances to a world with minds equivalent of ants! Listen then, most carefully, and I will explain:  


We have a pulsating beam of light not, but of ultra magnetic instruction to the ships, to the planet itself, and a cover of tritanium is shielding from the sun and magnetic waves of the moon. This throws both, the ships as well as the planets off course which your scientists would factionalize it or they would be in their circling depository. Alright? Got that?  


And the tail is simply made up of gasses and pulmonary stardust which in effect is no more than little dust particles lit up by other gaseous content and illuminated by whatever lights are the closest to it. No secret. Not mystical. Just scientific. Next question.  


Uthrania: Sir, there are those ones who wish to know all about this ISON but who do not wish to believe what the commanders on the ships are telling them. Do you wish to put this on the net?  


Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: Indeed, do as you wish, but I would caution you in particular, Reni, that while we are here to educate the people, we do not wish to be made fools of. So if such ones are in a ‘cult’ of this or that UFO group, so to speak, put this on and give to them these ‘instructions’ from me, Hatonn, Commander, Gyeorgos Ceres:  


Do not waste our time, people, with things trivial to you, for we are not here to ‘exquisite' your words into our time line!  


You brash ones! You only care of those events which will never happen because you still have learned little about your own creation and creative abilities!  


You live in a world we call “Juxton” and your tendency is to just have fun patting one another on the back. Therefore, you will get no more of this from us!   Enjoy your rationality, for you make no logical sense whatsoever when you put the craft before the cart in your own journeyings.   Do not therefore aggravate us further! Study and learn - or miss your ride - for you cannot have both without a session in economics of exactly where we will take you.   Next question, please...  


Reni Sentana-Ries: Folks, there is a stern warning in this: Let us put our minds on issues helpful to the enlightenment, survival, and progression of our souls, and relegate issues of lower significance inconsequential.  


Whether we know ISON is a ship or a world with people on it, or just a rock in space, is not as important as being informed on who our evolved ancestors are, where they now live, their concern for our welfare, the words of information they speak to let us become prepared for the end of this world, and how to get ready for boarding their rescue ships when these ships come down by the millions to lift off all who will not flee, but have the good sense to enter.  


We really don't want to be seen as having the illness of a priority mix-up. NASA hates these images. Let the typical Washington priority mix-up not become our own. Our souls come first!