(010) Glimpse into Pyramid Construction Details


By Captain Jennifer Higgins of the Federated Union of Starships


November 24, 2013, 6:30 pm



Our previous note here on Facebook relates how not to construct a pyramid. But now we move on, and let her relate to us how these monumental structures were constructed and by whom.  She says:




First off, you find a lava pit and remove the lava by chunks through starship removal quarry.  


Secondly, a firestone pit and you are going to change the shape and contour of the lava rocks.  


Thirdly, you locate a granite quarry. Got it located already, boys and girls? Good.


Then how do you cut the granite? With rocks, blades and slaves? Don’t be ridiculous.  


Next, you ply the steam from a ship’s rotation which will bring on sharp waves across the seabed. Not ones to suffer the platform upon the people. You need the water and the steam to clean off the surface of the rock granite. Got it? Good. Then let us move on.  


Particular to this type of project is the Neller stone which is kind of like a rasping stone. This makes the granite in the middle sections a little contoured so that one brick layer fits delicately into the next, giving it little space, none really, to move. Sort of like tiny scales which fit exactly into the next spores or spokes.  


Fourthly, you tie up the caucus parts, we will call the bricks that, and move them on site with the assistance of a crane if you have one large enough. We use ships for that project.  


When you have them where you want them, in the foundation of 360 degrees Fahrenheit, that is when the primer goes on, because we know you can never graph the layers with anything you have so far created to keep even a hair’s width out of the way, for even a hair’s width is too far a stretch.  


Fifthly, you need pliers to graph off a toupe which is not a piece of hair in our terminology but rather a thin raspy layer of turpentine which will form in session with Talminide to seal off all cracks.   You see when we do it, we make perfectly sure that our cuts are so exact that there can be no breakage and no leaks for millennia.   So don’t tell us you made the great Sphinx nor any other of the larger demonstrations you use for geology, pyramidology, or just good old fashioned tourism, for we laugh at you every time you do.   Those old buildings were created by us for Way Stations or Beacon Towers, much like your airports engage in. They last centuries and longer. In one form.   You do not.   You reincarnate and still find they are there. The same ones you saw before.  


Tie off channel now for us, Jamie, please. I will give to you our coordinates. Thank you.  


Swift channel 3 on Mongoose Polaroid 9. Tenth out and tie off Hemmingway for High Command.


Have a good day to you both and three. Good Day and Good Night. Captain Jennifer Higgins, Esquire of Pollus Four. Out at 6:59 pm”  


Jamie: Tying-off for Captain Jennifer Higgins at Swift channel 3 on Mongoose Polaroid 9. Tenth out and tying-off Hemmingway for High Command as well. 2nd Class Airman Captain in training Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Galiac Team. Out at 7:02 pm.  


(End quote)  


-Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez.  


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The pyramid shown above is found in Bosnia and still appears to be functioning as designed. Pyramid energy photographed. Illustration of active pyramid. Pyramid functioning as a control tower for extraterrestrial craft.