(008) Are we truthful? You be the judge!


By Reni Sentana-Ries, October 17, 2013



Lest you think that when we speak of an approaching end of this world and what will take place before, during, and thereafter, we have dreamed up our words in a whirlwind of wild imagination, I will let Captain James Galiac Sananda give you two short paragraphs from his own words. Here they are (September 13, 2012):  




"The more we try and help your civilization we are blocked, boycotted and ridiculed by the most sadistic realm within your worlds. We say 'worlds,' dear chelas, simply because your world here in Angorius is no different than many other worlds of your galaxy in temperance, design of soul structures, and ideology.


“So the more we try, the more incompetent are the overseers of your lands.  


"However, the Equinox is almost through, and some time between the end of the beginning of the Equinox and the beginning of the new system upon your newly-cleansed earth - though all will not be flooded - will be your dismissal from hellish circumstances, so to speak most literally for most of you, and then will the New Day become light, and the darkened dredges of humanity will fade away, and your remembrance of it will be no more."  


(End quote)  


Since we are not aware of any errors in the myriad of postings, writs, articles, files, and books we have so liberally left you for consideration, we stand before you all with a clean conscience, and the blood of no one will be found on our hands.  


Unlike many religious folks, we don't lead you down a garden path for self gratification or personal enrichment. And if some believe we are sincerely duped, then we gladly take on their challenge and let over time the truth about us and about them rise to the top for all the world to see!


Reni Sentana-Ries, October 17, 2013