(007) My Conclusions Two Days After Expertscolumn's Spectacular Collapse


By Reni Sentana-Ries, October 17, 2013



Near February 3, 2013, Expertscolumn.com with whom we at the time carried all our articles and scribings, suffered a massive crash or attack on their site with the loss of tens of thousands of articles from which the site just could not recover.


In the meantime however they have restructured to a new format with a new beginning, for which we are really glad, and we wish Nick and company full success in their continued endeavours with the site.  


Three days after the crash I wrote down my own feelings on this catastrophe and posted it on my facebook page. It certainly is a reflection of how I felt about it at the time, since we also lost a combined two hundred or more of our own articles as a consequence of this so-called "crash."   Here it is:   (quote)


What a shame!! Yesterday (February 3, 2013) we suspect it was the stipend covert agencies springing into action again to arm-twist the expertscolumn management team into removing nearly all articles listed on this facebook page of mine. A preliminary status check revealed that roughly 60 articles from a total of 450 belonging to us (or better: belonging to you, the public) disappeared from their platform!  


We look at this scenario this way: What they have taken away belonged to you, the people! It was information for your soul to prepare you for a successful ride home - home here meaning, your home among the stars - where a better world than this one is waiting for you before the oceanic tidal waves come to wash you all away into the churning seas.  


The guilt is not ours if due to the absence of information (we so faithfully put on the net) many of you people - who have not as yet learned of your own connection to your forefathers (and foremothers) from the stars - will not have been able to ready themselves just because the paid agents took the information away, which would have made the difference between your survival at the end of this world, or perishing in its onslaughts.  


We have done our darnedest best to get the word out to you, the people. If others now enter into the picture to rob you of it, then our conscience is clear, and Seila and I will join with all of our friends from the ships who as captains and commanders have so freely assisted us with information of their own to take to you - information which authorities have now begun to remove out of your sight.  


For those who still love their Bible books, I suggest to confer with Revelations and find out what it still says about the 2 prophets of the times of the end. I am not prepared to give you more. You figure it out all on your own, and don't run to your pastors for advice, for they have always led you astray.