183. Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers' Meeting (part 2) 6.17.2016

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Thank you for your earlier reports in consistency with the earlier submission of the Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers' Meeting.







Noted and we thank you, each One for your taking the hour to present to the Foreign Ministers’ your entries.


Except for the nations involved within the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION and our close “friends” of Asean concern meaning Asean race, and understanding that the Sovereignty of each ASEAN NATION is to be protected and of that we have offered our solution, it stands that the best course of action to begin and soon we trust, is the action of reason, intelligent and logistical frankness, honour and subjectiveness to no court other than our own.


That court we speak of shall be only reliant upon the Code of Conduct of the Seas as drawn up by Singapore and China and brought before the Council of ASEAN FOREIGN MINISTERS. In such Code of Conduct shall the document be of no more than twelve pages in length should it need be that long, for when current issues arise the less problematic are the words in tenure and abstract and the closer to the point, trust among the brotherly and sisterly nations shall not be confused nor negated bringing therefore a decision in a quick manner as befits intelligent minds clear of greed nor any other obstruction to the betterment of their ASEAN NATIONS WITHIN THE CENTRAL ASEAN NATION.


In this wise, the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION shall work as a Cooperative Council or Asean Cooperative Council of Oil and Gas as well as Mineral Composites of a different nature throughout the CENTRAL ASEAN WORLD.


Before other Central Nations of Europe, South America, the West and other Positions can be invited into ASEAN CENTRAL NATION for trade in various fields or disciplines, one must first ensure their own house is made ready.


All resources are first to be attended to and shared until the family of each CENTRAL ASEAN NATION OR HOUSE is adequately taken care of. This will cut down on unnecessary imports and exports which ineffect will cut out the monetary middle-capitalist money man or woman.


Following this other Central Nations once they have their houses set up shall take the same inventory and only export and import those items which are either necessary to the running adequately of other national houses in their own Central Nations and this includes the “wishes and wants” of the PEOPLES TOWARD THEIR OWN PLEASURE.


This is just a prelude for you all to heavily consider.


Should this also be accepted by all Foreign Minister Representatives of the Special-ASEAN-China Meeting after such attendance of their leaders then we are prepared to lay out more of the plan or project.


Thank you all in your attendance. We may be adjourned.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds