182. Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting 6.16.2016

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Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting





Good Evening, Foreign Ministers of this wonderful and “friendly” CENTRAL ASEAN CONTINENT. We would like to begin in “thanking” the each One of you for bringing to our attention the “retraction” in your words and because of your openmindedness, we do believe, Foreign Ministers, that we have a “suggestion” which will prove to be the solution to this seeming crisis which has gone to arbitration in a court not of our own making.


Let us first begin with the issue of sovereignty.


When each race was brought to this planet each were given a portion of land to caretake. This land would meet the needs of the many and though the waters were plentiful the flesh of the creatures of the seas and oceans were not feasted upon for all of HUmanity in these parts along with the animal, sealife, fowl, and all crawling and hopping creatures lived together in absolute harmony.


Foreign Ministers, you have heard the rest of this story many events over so we shall not go into that again at this moment, hour and second of our refuge in harmonious discussion among ourselves as brother and sisters of the same “friendly and peaceful” objectives and mindset.


Now, we shall present our “suggestion” without further ado.


Each nation within the GREAT CENTRAL ASEAN NATION feels they shall lose their personal sovereignty with the expansion of the brotherly and sisterly nation of China who is articulating protection rather than possession of the waters directly around each shoreline of each brotherly and sisterly nation.


Now, the Americans want the same shoreline and their intention is toward a full control over all of the ASEAN LAND AND SEA RESOURCES.


We all understand this very aptly and some brotherly and sisterly Nations of the ASEAN WORLD have been “threatened” “blackmailed” “tourniquet” by the world banking and corporate industry as well as the IMF and now the United Nations in adding their “flag” upon a section to irritate the brotherly and sisterly Nation of China who had drawn back from Scarborough Shoal earlier in good faith.


The young Filipino’s “nationalists” had to have received the UN flag they planted on the island from someone, did they not? And, of course, US “eyewitnesses” gave the story to the press.


Such wantoned action by the UN behind the scenes was specifically calculated to force China to make a direct offence and be pulled into a war;


this action by the UN was also designed to turn the remainder of the unwilling ASEAN NATIONS as well as Filipino Population into cooperating with the United States’ subtle claim to the resources on an index curriculum of backroom deals, which President-elect Duterte will have no part of at the month’s end.


Now here is our plan.


Let us come as ONE ASEAN BODY OR CONGLOMERATE. Let us sit down together each ONE with China at a round table with no sharp words, and put the map on the table.


What does each ASEAN NATION need? Let us begin with medicine. Let us “together” choose certain Islands throughout the ASEAN CONTINENT and grow marijuana and other plants which we can all protect together with our Navies and coast guards and such medicines can be cultivated by professional agriculturalists and the medical establishment shall be able to oversee their supply by need and demand of the PEOPLES in order that the vegetables do not turn into a drug market on the street. These are natural and not chemical relaxants and cure many many type of man-made diseases such as cancer and leukemia which we all know is a cancer of the white blood cells in the bone marrow.


Now, with all the horrible storms which ripped the Philippines apart in the southern regions, many coconut trees and other foliage must be grown and planted and this project is already underway with hybrid coconut trees but an Island must first be found.


Do you think, Foreign Ministers, that of so many lovely Islands throughout the ASEAN CONTINENT AND CENTRAL ASEAN NATION that several to many could be used for such “positive and friendly” projects and upon a “sharing” basis all would profit without monetary value being placed upon any of the projects enjoined by the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION;


and when the smaller ASEAN Nations need immediate assistance in the seas then you could just radio the Great Chinese Military and Coast Guard and they would in a most “friendly brotherly and sisterly manner” come immediately to the assistance of the smaller but just AS IMPORTANT ASEAN brotherly and sisterly NATIONS.


You see, in this way all natural resources would be shared and protected no matter who instigates the project, whether it be drilling for oil or otherwise, for all could participate in contributing labourers who wish to engage themselves in such work and all would then profit (not in monetary value) but profit in “sharing” the gross percentage of resources of which each nation requires.


In this way, each ASEAN NATION benefits as to its needs and the needs of the PEOPLES of whose resources including their own labour, belong consecutively to themselves and are “overseen” by the Councils of the round tables with no sharp words toward one another but conduct themselves in a most compatible and friendly manner at all events.


The multitude of Islands belong to you all, and instead of them sitting idle, a sharing may occur with participants from each ASEAN NATION and then you do not need to break trust with one another by spying or supposing the worst of one another with no facts.


This takes away distrust among the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION and, this should make you smile, PROTECTS EACH ASEAN NATION’S SOVEREIGNTY because, brothers and sisters of the Great Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Sovereignty is also shared.


We would now take of ourselves a short break before we continue with a few of which we believe are applicable concerns brought up at the meeting. They are few, but “positive” challenges which we are “positive” that Singapore and China as well as the rest of the Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION are by now well acquainted with though we have not as yet been given the finished report of the effective Code of Conduct of Parties on the CENTRAL ASEAN SEA.


If, Foreign Ministers, you like our “suggestion” we have much to add and the plan is already laid out to be put before you in easy and articulate explanation.


In conclusion, Foreign Ministers, the statement: “

Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea in its entirety, and while noting the momentum and new phase of consultations, urged the early adoption of an effective Code of Conduct;...”


We feel we should, in light of all “new” and upcoming conditions and based entirely upon the Universal Principle of Law, draw our conclusions coupled with the report we have made this day, in entry, the early adoption of the Code of Conduct.


We also would stress that in the interest of the entire ASEAN STRAIT AND CONTINENT WITH SEAS INTACT, that we take these presentations, these “suggestions” to a further round of talks which should “sensor” out by appreciation of One ASEAN NATION of the other, the militarisation by the United States and any aggressive behaviour therein including overflight in militarising the sea as well.


Those are our words for this night and once again we extend our utmost appreciation toward the inclusion of our insights and we thank our host Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for our inclusion into a very insightful and pleasant meeting.


Good Evening and Good Night.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds