181. To the HUmanities around Us and Afar



To the HUmanities around Us and Afar


You have not negated to follow

 The good things you have been fed


You are the royal of the pinnacle

You are the cream of the crop


You are the rich Saudis and Royals

Of other Bric Nations thus far


You are the HUmanities flavour

 Those who have laboured

 Are ONE.


 You are the ASEAN beauties

 Debonair and so handsome are you


You are the princesses of creation

 ASEAN women all beauty queens, too.


The ones on the street

 We see you.


We see you close and afar


The brilliance of your lovely features

 The world reflects by their charm.


What we are saying

Is no matter who you may be


Either loved by the society

Or loathed by deities


 The One strain you may count on

Is that one bearing your name


For the beauty of the HUman creature

Deserves another chance

 At fame.


You are the brilliance of our creation

You charm us with your might


We love you as no other could

For we see in your souls the light.


 We trust in your persuasiveness


In each other to do what is right


To follow the precepts of


The Universal


The principle of mind and of sight.


 So please, all ye dear Ones

 Forgive if we seem to be crude


For we have waited a long hour

Just to be back with you.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds