180. We Think; We Are; With No Pretense - The Past shall not be repeated



The Oracle


You threw me away like an old rag


Your religions said I was no good

Because I was not in your royal circle


I was always to be misunderstood



But my blood was not tainted as yours was


My blood is the colour of ink


And the blue and the gold I came down with


An oracle of what was to be



I am no more and no less


Than the any of you



But I can tell the time of day, by night and hour


I can see the sky is not blue


My eyes handle voices in tenor


The vibrations are not synchronized



But the rubbing off of your power


Leaves silk to be desired not much



My eyes see glory which you “can’t”



Your obstructions are near and are far


But I will forgive all your powers


Can you not forgive one another


At all?


You see the clouds move in the distance?


You see the waves lapping afar?



With HAARP the waves did grow greater



Did you stop the tornadoes and HAARP?


Did you sanctify your religions?


To fly on the wings of a crow?



And soiled did you try with the white dove


To instigate a new religion at all?



Do ye Ones all think us to be crazy


To allow you one hour at all


To take of our skins and our bodies


And throw us again to the floor?



We protect and we stop all the stormfronts


Where we know we arrive and are safe


But never again shall we ever


Allow the HUmanities


To slander our NAME!


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds