179. The INSANITY of the World In Capitalizing on Capitalisation



The INSANITY of the World In Capitalizing on Capitalisation


When you think


You are on the brink


Of one great breakthrough


After the other


And monetary wealth


Have you with your stealth


Tracked unto your own doom.


For seldom is known a helping hand


In the room toward others


Making them


Your next cheap excuse


For acquiring more bondage


More buttons and rags


An excuse to place them


In your lair.


For the monetary


Capitalist system


Of severed life and “usury


Economics” is the fatal


Excuse of them all.


You are on the brink of extinction


You are the HUmanities


Of them all


You sit in the doorway


Of abstraction


You wonder, you ponder, you paw


You think of great ideas


Ideas worth a million or more


But when you are faced with a challenge


You kick dirt and you slam the door


Your money is worthless you figure


Your train of thought must now change


Your vitals have stopped midway standard


And the pinnacle is over the top.


“Persuade us to give up the currency


You’re ‘nuts’ ye Ones of such worth


For money is the god and the currency


Can you not read the U.S. dollar bill?


But how must I fare with no money?


Can trust in some god be there?


Well, tell you what our dear *prophets


The day will soon come then we’ll care.


But for now I will tend to the sheep


The flock the justice the lair


And when the monetary value


Just quits coming in


Then just perhaps


We shall all care.”


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds - *We do not call ourselves prophets, it came that verse from the pen.