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This gentleman wishes to remain anonymous so we leave the photograph off even from the back portrait. It takes “guts” and “fortitude” and shows a great “sincerity” and “willingness” to reform and though this brave soul’s decision and “regret for his previous actions” mainly due to the capitalist system of injury and poverty upon the PEOPLES, this “gentleman” relates his story and shows that for himself, his family, and the PEOPLES AND THE NATION OF SUPPORT around him, that the way forward shall be his portion of assisting in the NATION’S REBUILDING OF PARADISE. “Good Choice, dear One, for you have already met paradise in the eye.”

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





Top drug dealer leaves trade, willing to help cops


Bryner L. Diaz, Rowena D. Capistrano (The Freeman) - June 13, 2016 - 12:00am


CEBU, Philippines - After more than a decade, one of Cebu City's top drug leaders has left the circus.


In an exclusive interview with dyRF, Jeffrey "Jaguar" Diaz said he has since yearned for a normal life for his family and while he faces no criminal case at present, he is willing to "surrender" to President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.


If given a chance and if his and his family's safety will be assured, he would be willing to help authorities arrest other drug personalities.


He also apologized to his "victims."


"Mangayo ko’g pasaylo sa mga tawo nga nabiktima nako sa una… gusto lang ko nga magpuyo nga malinawon," he said.


"Niundang na gayud ko maam bisan pa ug mamatay ug mokirig ako pamilya. Diha-diha dayon ug saksi ang Ginoo nga wala na gayud ko kay mao ako tinguha nga makatulog, maghayang, ug makalakaw-lakaw nga walay kahadlokan," he added.


He said he started thinking about leaving the trade in 2013 but it was his wife's arrest last year that put the final nail on the coffin.


"Naka-decide gyud ko nga muondang kay di man gyud na siya maayo… mga 2015, March 11 kay napriso ang akong asawa," he said.


He said he is satisfied of what his family has now.


"Tuyo na gayud nakong miundang sa pagpamalig-ya og drugas kay sakto na ang gihatag sa Ginoo nako diin duna na mi panimalay nga dili na maulanan, sakto nang makakaon sobra sulod sa tulo ka adlaw ug naa pay kapanginabuhian… unsa pa man akong pangitaon?" he said.





Like many who fell into the trap of illegal drugs, Diaz' story started in poverty.


The second of seven children, he said his family struggled to make ends meet while living in Barangay Duljo - Fatima in Cebu City. His father worked at a shipping company while his mother sold mangoes.


He said he had to stop schooling after elementary because his parents could no longer support him and his siblings. To help earn for the family, he would help his mother sell mangoes or run errands for neighbors.


Diaz said he could still remember living at an old shack next to a toilet, the odor from which was what filled their nostrils. When rain poured, he and his family would wake up to was-ter streaming through the hole in the roof. One day, he met his wife and, despite the difficulties his family was facing, chose to marry her.


(was-ter? - is this spelling error? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez)


This was when he reportedly started selling drugs in small amounts and was lucky to have escaped during a buy-bust operation. To avoid arrest, he would reportedly transfer from one place to the next until intelligence operatives of the Mambaling Police Station tracked him down in Balirong, Naga City. He tried to escape but a gunshot wound to his leg spoiled his plan.


"Baligya ko ginagmay ra man to, at large ko, didto ko nadakpan kato'ng naa koy warrant of arrest, naigo ko sa paa didto sa Balirong, Naga, liwas sa pasko… taga station 11 ang nakadakop nako. Nasulod ko sa Bagong Buhay (Rehabilitation Center) January 4, 2005," he said.


He was 25 years old at this time and had two children, one three years old and the other nine months old.



Prison 'break'


Prison, as it turned out, would only lead him deeper into the trade.


Diaz disclosed it was behind bars where he got acquainted with big players, especially when he was remanded to the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City.


It was reportedly in Muntinlupa where he got his break when he met a supplier.


"Atong naka-adto ko’g Munti naa koy kaila didto mga 2009 padulong na ko mogawas mga tunga-tunga sa 2009 siyam ra ko ka buwan ngadto, nakagawas na dayon ko pag 2010," he said.


While inside the jail, he facilitated the trade between his supplier and his men in the field. He would reportedly instruct his men what to do and they would report back to him. His supplier's contact would reportedly deliver the shabu to his contact in Cebu.


His business started with one kilo and grew as his network went bigger


"Naay manawag ibiyahe man na nila barko o i-trucking… di parihas sa una nagsugod og usa ka kilo katong naa pa ko didto (Muntinlupa). Sila ra may mangita og paagi, akong tawo sa Cebu ang modawat," he said.


This arrangement reportedly lasted for nine month with him inside the jail. When he was released on July 20, 2010, he returned to Cebu and managed the business himself. His presence was not left unnoticed and the police tagged him a top drug personality here.


Still, he managed to sustain his business for at least three years until his brothers sat down with him and convinced him to stop.


At that point, he also admitted he started fearing for his life and that of his family's. Two years later, he reportedly called it quits.


Facing dyRF over the weekend, Diaz said the government can stop the trade if it really wants to and an iron fist like that of Duterte's would help.


"Depende sa gobiyerno… kung ila gyung hugtan, mahunong gyud, kung warningan, di mopatoo patyon," he said. And it is death that he is precisely trying to avoid. (FREEMAN)


- See more at: http://beta.philstar.com/freeman/cebu-news/2016/06/13/1592784/top-drug-dealer-leaves-trade-willing-to-help-cops#sthash.lC3bTZRA.dpuf


Good Evening, President-elect Duterte, Sir, this is the beginning and this gentleman can now educate others and convince by these words of his own, other drug dealers to follow in his own footsteps.






Now, Sir, as you well know, this man and his entire family shall need for the moment, “time” and hour to be relocated “now” and given new identities.


In no wise will this man be able to educate others publically in person until the ISLANDS HAVE THE ORIGINAL TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM OF NON-USURY AND PEOPLE-FRIENDLY ECONOMICS firmly in place.


Once the capitalist monetary system is no longer a “temptation” then anyone caught dealing in drugs or the slave-trade, or slave labour or any other “capital crime” manifesting from the capitalist monetary “usury” of PEOPLES FOR CRIMINAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS for the powers shall have no further excuse before the COUNCILS OF THESE GREAT ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES.


This gentleman is now an asset and will work in the ONENESS of the NATION of these GREAT ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES.


Let us make this a decision of “good judgement” and “remember” Sir, that the “correct” application with a firm hand and a wise soul “must” be one which will not place further “fear” in the soul of drug dealers but instead will “encourage” drug dealers and others in the field of monetary-crimes to come forward for an “embrace” and not a heated gun, prison-time and threats.


Good Evening and may it be a pleasant One, Sir.


We trust we have been of further assistance, Sir.


With all good grace we bid you Good Night.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds