176. The Transition from One Council Leadership to the Other “MUST” be Honoured


Noy to China: Future can be brighter through mutual respect




Good Afternoon President of the hour, Noy Aquino, Sir, and our most distinguished brotherly and sisterly Chinese guests and family of the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION.


We shall continue.

The very enlightened and heightened words of President Aquino of whom we “honour” on his latter days of his own administration and invite toward the sitting with the “Original Talent and Purchase Order of PEOPLE-Friendly non-usury economics” with a taste of gratitude for its release from the bondage of archaic capitalist monetary economics of tourniquet upon the PEOPLES OF THE ISLANDS OF THESE GREAT PHILIPPINES, CHINA AND THE ENTIRE ASEAN CENTRAL NATION is extended and we hope shall be accepted upon the higher terms of excellence as the President has always worked toward attaining in his own understanding and credibility at the hour and events “before” the best was once again offered.




Aquino said since 2010, his administration has worked to provide a better business environment for groups like the FFCCCII.


“We are the new darling of Asia; our economy is among the most resilient and the best performing in the world, which I’m sure you have felt in your respective businesses. More than seven million Filipinos have risen above the poverty line – seven million Filipinos who have the ability and the confidence to work in your factories and offices, or who have the capacity to buy your products and make use of your services,” Aquino said.”


End Quotation


We shall proceed.


Accomplishing the best One is able at that point of exactness with no prior nor further information, is to be One excelling in One’s position.


However, as One becomes further enlightened in all aspects of economics it would only stand to reason that the best is yet to be accomplished and put in place FOR THE PEOPLES OF EACH NATION WITHIN THE CENTRAL ASEAN NATION AND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD


DEPEND upon such leadership and good Council for the well-being of their families and their next incarnations.


We are not finished, dear Ones, in our utmost “appreciation.”


Seven million Filipinos, Sir, are but a drop in the bucket whereas all other Filipinos, Mr. President Aquino, Sir, have fallen through the cracks in the lattice work


and “why” would one wish to remain within an economic system which “guarantees” that not one Filipino soul, Chinese dear One, or otherwise, shall not face a day, hour, minute and year without poverty staring him or her continually in the face with tax fronts, mort=death gaged by the world banking industry and IMF, (not the small bankers of whom many know little to nothing of the grievances of the whole in industry, brokership and precepts) duties, tarrifs, regulation et al?


Why would one continue to embrace that old and outmoded system of capitalist economics without switching over to the very first system these PEOPLES OF PARADISE ONCE ENJOYED when such ORIGINAL SYSTEM OF THE TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER WOULD “SECURE” THE NATION, NATIONS, AND GLOBAL COMMUNITY WITH COMFORT AND “EQUALITY” FOR ALL WITHIN A THREE-MONTH PERIOD, Sirs?


We thank the each of you for your attendance, gentlemen and “ladies?” of the brotherly and “sisterly” FFCCCII.


President Aquino, Sir, our extended hand toward you in occupying a seat at the round table of twenty-four is now the same extended hand as you offered in the beginning to ourselves.


We honour you with this offer and trust there shall be no offense at our hand in assisting the transitional Council as well in your sight.


Good Afternoon. Good Day and Good Evening.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of all Unified and Already Freed Planetary Worlds


Attn: Notation on “Freed.” When planets or worlds inhabited are “Freed” and when a world or a planet is ‘secured’ and on its way to being “Freed” we use the word to signify that the work is near completed for a new beginning for the HUmanities of this World to begin in their rebuilding of Paradise. Thank you.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of all Unified and Already Freed Planetary Worlds