175. Sharia, Christianity, Brexit, and Traditions Throughout the World (Part THREE)







Now, “tradition” and “culture” ye Ones often are heard of ourselves to quip that you no longer shall celebrate christmas or other holiday “traditions.”


This is itself is erroneous.


This is because ye Ones shall learn to celebrate “LIFE” ON EARTH AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE; AS IT WAS FROM THE BEGINNING.


We have not concluded.


And with this celebration you have picked up many other “traditions” and what we call “compromises” to the positive, throughout the many tenures of your lifestreams.


Within your cultures there are the good the positive and the tendencies of cultural realism encoded in the each of ye Ones with the crooked gene producing a second to third helix from the Hellions which once traversed through an accidental rip in the fabric of space as created by our lab technicians and scientists of the Federation of Unified and Free (at that hour of the event) Planetary Worlds


therein “ensuring” that all principles and precepts of your present-day traditions and cultures are not all from the aspect of your beingness when each one of ye were seeded upon this world.


You have the “good” mixed in with the “not-so-good” and of this must it become that you hold onto the “good” and the “enjoyable” traditions and cultures which shall be discerned by the lack of bloodletting and hurtful activities upon others.


Embrace then and keep to yourselves and share with all HUmanity the good and leave out that which is least and not either principled nor moral nor ethical of the cultures and precepts of tradition of which each of ye are fine and realised upon in gauging the “sins” of one another NATION to NATION among the HUmanities.


When each of you no matter which religious fervour you desire, embrace only the good and non-sacrificial stance of any belief then the hour and day and minute shall come whereby








Thank you. Good Day, Good Evening, and a good prospect shall be yours for the taking without “taking” that which is not your portion and never has been since the beginning which once was your paradisaical society upon this world.


And hang up a stocking for us.


Eschew that of the negative and that is that which hurts one another.


Be enlightened and be well.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds