175. Sharia, Christianity, Brexit, and Traditions Throughout the World (Part ONE)



Good Afternoon. We shall proceed as the hours transpire into day. Again, let us clear up misconceptions and misrepresentations and in no wise shall we ever elicit a war front of such category that blood be issued and of all such strains and precepts shall the one protect of the other instead of estranging the oneness from the other no matter the skin colour or type, no matter the religious philosophy or the type and no matter the culture for you Ones all throughout this global community fare both well and not so well in your distinguishing between good traditions and good cultures and those of each other which fall short and fall into the well. Do “ye Ones” also understand us here, Iran and Shiite Lebanon? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds






You know, we were told one day, year, and month long ago and yet not so long ago that “Ye Ones made very few mistakes.”

That bothered me immensely.


When One has the PEOPLES’ lives and happiness in their hands, One CANNOT afford to make mistakes.


We shall continue.


It is “necessary” that not One of we Ones are misinterpreted. Are we too far ahead of ye other Ones in the relishing of the prospect of a global paradise in our efforts to place aside the global monetary system?


For the very monetary system of capitalist bondage is what the reason for fostering wars for acclaiment to other NATIONS wealth and riches and the PEOPLES AND GOVERNMENTS SUFFER FOR COUNCILS CANNOT THEN BE SET UP ACCORDINGLY.


But let us first talk about Brexit for Great Britain under the hard fist and bondage of the monetary system of New York, France, and Quebec, cannot survive in taxations and monetary “dues” and monetary “duties” and taxes and military and soldiers and the like, for the last precept of “duty” shall not be monetary but rather the “fixing” up of all which is out of Order, or unorderly.


We shall continue with our short presentation. Switzerland, please stand-by.


When the European Union decides or by the hand and voice of the PEOPLES that a EUROPEAN UNION OF CENTRAL NATIONS become the positive outlook capitalising not upon the system of economics of “usury” which is against all principle and universal “law” as you call it, in your own terminology, though irregular, and transitioning to the ORIGINAL TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER NON-USURY PEOPLE-FRIENDLY ECONOMICS AND SOCIETAL STRUCTURE OF HIGHER EVOLVED PRINCIPLE then and only then shall the English, Scots, Welsh, and Irish become involved in a brotherly and sisterly way within the EUROPEAN CENTRAL UNION.


It is done.


When all religions drop all heedings of moral and immortal lower evolved pen of HUmankind then of course the divisions among you shall cease.

But not until then.


We tell you this day, this hour, that those who pronounce Sharia Law of the negative and wrong sort, of the killings and the loathings upon others, of the mistreatement of the woman and female child, of the indistinquishable one among ye all of a different nature who not yet has come to terms with his sexual incarnation of a diverse sort; of those whom are deemed to eat meat but of the wrong kind; for those who are positioned into a hellish lifestream in any religious court of law (and this also includes all religions)


you shall no longer reign the land with terror for you were never told that ye Ones should guarantee terror and lust throughout your termination of the masses for this was not your principle but teaching and instructing and showing the equality of universal principle and reality was to be your gift to all HUmanity.


But ye Ones have taken grudges and money and loathing and you have destroyed by your own hand that which was holy H=moral and ethical; U=universal=for all PEOPLES OF ALL TYPES AND POSITIONS!


You have preformed the sacrilegious upon the good and the beneficial and in doing so shall ye Ones either reform or be exiled before the day, month, and hour is up.


So shall it be.


It is now written.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds