173. HUmanities and their Dividing Line



“Wrong choices and doing things the hard way are due to man's chaotic ego. - Jamie Sentana-Ries Cortez “


Indeed, all PEOPLES do have the availance of their higher self and other assistance, however, the lower evolved HUman has not the complete ability in accessessing and listening and seeing what their higher self and other council are often saying in many ways, shapes and formats, and those who do understand are often Ones filled with preconditioning of the mind and in doing so they are stunting their own growth, but they will grow in their own hour, minute and eternal structure.


Throughout the millennia, dear Ones, there have been seasons where one lifestream permeates into the next and so on for thousands of your earth years. Yet the Great Equinox does not appear often and it is the hour of the accumulations of each individual's lessons on this earth as well as upon other earths depending on the lessons at that hour issued and agreed upon by the Akashic Council or High Council of Artemis or Artimus as we say it to be; indeed both are the same as all three.


Upon this scale lies the Great Evacuation for the HUmanities at this level are expected to have completed their lessons for the event to carefully unfold in the transitioning from the Hellion economic-religious and societal system over to the Original Systems of non-usury Talent and Purchase Order economics and societal structure; however, we know and understand that for many this is not the case for they are simply not ready and have not made themselves ready but instead have enjoyed themselves tremendously wasting a goodly portion of their experience.


This is the dividing line, for Evacuation has been ongoing for quite a few centuries, millennia, months and hours, yet the traumatic occurrence for most will be only due to the Hollywood theatre and their many alliances with the governments of the United States of America and other world benefactories in order to frighten the PEOPLES to death, so to speak, for there is no such thing on a temporal universal and eternal basis save that of discussion upon incidents which noone must disclose,


and this dividing line is when the PEOPLES shall return to a paradisaical world at the opening or beginning stages of creation or be plummeted into a similar scenario or event of that which they just left and these experiences shall be completed upon another world, for many lessons and many more will be their lot, for we and other enlightened Ones shall not be returning any too soon to assist them as in days, hours and months, past, as you tell, for time in its illusion is just one more deception of the hour.


Members of families shall be relocated as to their evolution unless they desire to not be.


Refusing promotion of one’s soul to a more evolved society would only stunt the growth more than that soul remaining with other not as evolved souls would be of any further assistance at that event.


This would be a big mistake for one has many families they have been with in reincarnational loops or experiences so to them, also, had the same Ones promised they would see them again one day and spend more events with them.


Good Day for this portion. Out.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds