170. CHINA And The Perplexing Issue Of World Hunger





BEIJING, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Xinhua News Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on strategic cooperation with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Sunday.


Xinhua editor-in-chief He Ping told visiting WFP executive director Ertharin Cousin that Xinhua was ready to enhance collaboration with the WFP in fighting hunger worldwide.

Hunger is the greatest enemy of humanity in peacetime, He said, noting Xinhua appreciates the great efforts by the WFP in the noble humanitarian cause of alleviating hunger and poverty over the past decades.


As a responsible media organization, Xinhua is willing to record and promote the great historical process, according to He.


Cousin lauded China's achievements in eliminating poverty, saying that she believes Xinhua's broad network will help increase global public awareness of the issue.The WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.”


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Good Afternoon, Council of the World Food Program. Before we begin may we just say that it is becoming more evident by the moment, hour, and day, that seemingly in order to bring about the Original System of the Talent and Purchase Order People-Friendly Economics and Societal Structure that one nation or another will need be put down.


There are similarities we would say in the way nations think; in the way the PEOPLES OF THE NATIONS think or have been taught to think; and yet in facing the gravity of the situation can it not be brought back into the normal as close as it was in the beginning without the letting of blood, non-mercy, and a callous outlook upon those whose understanding is, shall we say, somewhat limited?


However, with wisdom and with patience let us tackle all that must must be done in a way as congenial as possible.


We shall continue in this as the hour, moments, and seconds proceed.

But at least we do have a start.


GMO’s and Synthetic rice we think are where we should begin.




If His Excellency President Xi Jinping were to find that the rice both imported as well as exported out of CHINA were plastic or synthetic and being fed to the PEOPLES OF CHINA as well as to the PHILIPPINES and other NATIONS, much would be “investigated” in these areas.


GMO products are much the same as synthetic or plasticised rice as they contain no carotene of the basic malfunction.


Here, is where scientists work in conjunction together either toward the positive or the negative; the negative being in the obstruction of PEOPLES GOOD HEALTH and of such ones do we not adhere to in our circle of the round table of good council.


Here in this next portion shall we elicit review of the deadly potentials of GMO’S in a guarantee of responsible technology.


This is the positive review by scientific minds. Minds are wonderful for they are of no specific colour and gravitate toward progress and do in no wise seek to harm those of whom they are responsible to help or to assist.




The basic crux of world poverty lies in the fact that droughts are man-made in which to damage the soil and not because there cannot be enough food grown and harvested; and the fact that much of the land has been taken out of the hands of the PEOPLES and has been taken over by the crown or governments or corporate powers or the world bank and IMF.


Indeed, is there more than enough land upon which to grow the food yet deadly fertalizers, chemical trails showering the land and its inhabitants with chemical poisoning, and the weather modifying HAARP now though not as prominant along with cloud-seeding have so far damaged the world food supply astronomically.


So before one is able to deal in a satisfactory way with world population growth and the food supply, we feel, first with patience and our combined wisdom that all shall be adhered to in “the correct order” before progress is able to be satisfactorily made.


This “will take” a very long hour to accomplish in the eradicating of world hunger UNLESS the ORIGINAL TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER PEOPLE-FRIENDLY SYSTEM OF NON-USURY ECONOMICS is firmly put in place and then and only then shall the rotor on the plane not stop for the rocks thrown in its way.


We thank you all once again;


and “precision balancing” is the “normal” manner with which to correctly balance the Charter of Rights within any global community


and that can only be accomplished without even as much as one tourniquet upon the gearshift of the rotary compliance of the machine.


We bid you a Good Evening and a Heavenly Night.




- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Freed Planetary Worlds