US defense secretary offers closer security ties to China







“He emphasized possibilities for cooperating with China while stating that the U.S. will remain the pre-eminent power. "America wants to expand military-to-military agreements with China to focus not only on risk reduction, but also on practical cooperation. Our two militaries can also work together," he said, bilaterally or as part of a broader security network to combat global threats like terrorism and piracy.


"The United States wants to work with China to find solutions for the global problems we're both facing and seize the many opportunities before us," he said.


Carter called for establishing a "principled security network" across Asia, which he defined as "nations building connections for a common cause, planning and training together, and eventually operating in a coordinated way."


He said that in September he will co-host, with his Laotian counterpart, a meeting of defense ministers from across the Asia-Pacific, to find new ways to broaden and deepen a regional security network.“




What the US has affirmed again and again is that bilateral talks aren’t the only avenue to find solutions, Russel said. “I think that there are any number of issues that can’t be resolved on a bilateral basis, but those that can, we’re all for it,” he said.


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Good Evening, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, it is a great pleasure to meet with you once again.


We truly find it to be of a most “interesting” nature that perpendicularly and single-highhandedly the United States Pentagon always places ultimatums before CHINA in the United States so-called peace talks.


What security network does the United States feel it needs to provide in ASEA? Deepening the ties-that-bind the rest of the world by American strings is the same network of annoyances which also provide tourniquets throughout the world to the satisfaction of none.


Sir, if you have incorrectly assumed that the CHINESE MILITARY is not strong, then that would indeed surprise us no end.


And superceding the fact that such comment was made by yourself and the Pentagon of rulers it would only stand to reason that your number of experimental weapons are on line not only for the protraction of gaming resources out of the left Canal, but also out-side of the right.


The CHINESE are “not” weak, Sir. To believe such an extradition would be no less than a pure folly of inconsistencies toward yourselves, your military, and all you hope to accomplish.




“...any number of issues that can’t be resolved on a bilateral basis”


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That means one thing, does it not?




Put down your weapons before you cannot.


Good Evening, Sir. And have a Good Day.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds