168. Dear Ones, where there are no corners, there are no snags; Please do not misinterpret of we Ones



Dear Ones, where there are no corners, there are no snags.


We welcome the each and every one of you to the Council of President Elect Duterte and his co-President Leni Roberdo as well as each and every fine and capable man and woman team.


We trust ye ones have not misinterpreted of we ones in surmising that we do not appreciate ye all.


We do and we are here to assist and to protect each one with our pen, our knowledge and understanding and our own ingenuity.


It greatly saddens us, however, to witness the team split up into fragments, for each one no matter which party they originate from, has their own “talents” to offer up to a chair and round table of twenty-four.


We “fondly” care for each one of you even though we do not at all hours understand you nor what you are trying to say to us.


We shall continue in assisting others as well in order to protect each one of ye and the VALLEY AND THE MOUNTAINS AND THE SEAS AND THE DESERT LAND AND THE LANDS BEYOND, AND THE PEOPLES AND THE COUNCILS, AND THE NEW AND THE OLD


Yet we shall never “protect” the capitalist monetary hegemonic debt-ridden system brand of gruelling economics upon the PEOPLES


Which bring so much misery


And contention




We must always speak up for those who have no voice for the ones who do have a voice are the primary electives and the world bank, and its many coordinated arms of executive power and prowess use their verbal artillery through the media cold war ranks,


and fun and jesting is made of those who have no more voice.


We sometimes wonder if a mirror site is made of us?


That could be the reason for misinterpretations from season to hour to the moment.


Please do not put people through court for a new day is coming and we shall need protect them as well.


Our word is as sure today as it is of yesterday


and the folly of several of ye Ones of the morrow


is not to be seen in our pen.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds