165. ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES During the Hour of these Transitions 5.26.2016

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Good Afternoon. This is part two as we do not wish each portion to become of a lengthy description toward those who look upon our work together in a labour of love toward the GREAT PEOPLES OF THESE ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES AND THAT OF THE CENTRAL ASEAN NATION AS A ONE WHOLE WITHIN A LARGER BODY WHICH IN ONE HOUR SHALL BECOME GLOBAL ONCE THEIR SYSTEMS ALSO HAVE BEEN TRANSITIONED FROM THE MOCKING CAPITALIST SYSTEM OF DEBT AND USURY DESTROYING THE PEOPLES AND THE NATIONS TO THE ORIGINAL TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM OF PEOPLE-FRIENDLY “NON-DEBT” AND “NON-USURY” ECONOMICS. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


Good Evening. We shall once again resume “detail” upon the next hour or so. Thank you for waiting and “understand” we have not turned our back upon the any One of you. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds




AFP budget to be spent on modernization for external defense - military official




Good Evening and “congratulations. ” You have a BUDGET. A TOURNIQUET around your necks. Good start for defense.


If ye Ones are on a BUDGET then the PEOPLES are on even more of a BUDGET for their few pesos are PAYING THE BILL AND THE USURY.


Great start to the day. You will “never” see paradise this way.


President elect Duterte, if this is allowed to transpire then the ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES shall soon no longer exist and backroom corruption shall continue against the very PEOPLES OF THE PHILIPPINES WHOSE INTERESTS ARE TO BE PUT FIRST!


How can ye Ones move ahead when your necks are in the world bank, IMF, corporate "sling" of a TOURNIQUET?


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





After Aquino ‘kills’ FOI bill, advocates see hope in Duterte






There is a choice to be made. You have always a choice in the hour of transition.


This is your choice:



with the elimination of the need for courts, jails and penitentiaries




You may elicit to stay under the system you abhour and are now protesting against.


IF you wish to rebuild your paradisaical system then a new page shall be turned.


The Books may be opened and you may look and you may see what the CAPITALIST SYSTEM and its methods have done TO THE PEOPLES without judging another


but jails and penitentiaries shall not exist.


Because there has to come a day, PEOPLES, when the vicious cycle of “BLAME” must end or you, the PEOPLES, SHALL FOREVER BE GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES, FROM THE LOWER COURTS TO THE HIGHER COURTS IN THE LAND and who, knows, ye Ones, might be next on the payroll of Others to put you on the docket.


For those souls whose abominations shall not cease then they will be strictly exiled from the building of PARADISE on this LAND.


What do you want, PEOPLES?


To place your energies rebuilding the world system of economics which was taken from you all?


Or to place your energies fighting one another in revenge in courts, which require capitalist money out of your own pockets to uphold the debt-ridden courts of the land?


Do you want revenge?


Do you want peace?


Or do want neither which in turn leaves the each and every one of you out on a limb until the limb withers and dies and you with it.


You decide.


It is your future and the future of all of your posterity.


We said we would write and we have.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





Duterte, NDFP agree on framework for peace talks




Sir, this shall be our next portion. We apologize for keeping you waiting and we are assured that the wait was worth your while.


Sir, you have used “complete” wisdom and “balance” save that of of 60 to 40 which is “unbalanced. (smiles)


You stated you hoped there would come a time when there would not be the “right nor the left” and we are in total agreement for one side or another leaves the balance out.




“The Left gave me a very impressive list of people who have the talent," he said.“I’m inclined to give in if we can talk smoothly and Jose Maria Sison comes home in July.” End quote


Sir, you shall not be “giving in.” On the contrary, you shall be taking charge of regulating security for the NATION through your utilization of “wisdom,” and treating our brethren and sisters as “equals” in all we do and say.


You are understanding the “principle” of how the universe works without injury to another and how the principle brings together many criteria at once to be handled in ONE fell swoop.


Now, let us look at the last requirement. Whenever the nature of a problem arises that is the hour to find the solution.


When the solution is found you shall then be able to apply that same solution to other problems of many diverse natures through the following of just one dynamic or universal principle of “non-fragmentation.”


Quote: “The incoming president also clarified that he would not appoint communist hardliners in his Cabinet. “If you are a cadre in the mountains, I will not accept you. You will kill members of the military. I have to balance it, I have to give to the progressive, not to the communist party hardcore,” Duterte said in an earlier press conference.”


End Quote



Alright, now consider this: throughout the years there have been battles between religious viewpoints many on both sides “fanatical” “uncompromising” “determined” and “LOYAL” to the foundation of their precepts.


Now, the same criteria applies, does it not, Sir, to those who hold and will fight to the death for their “political” beliefs? Those ones are also “fanatical” “uncompromising” “determined” and “LOYAL” to the foundation of their precepts.


However, if you “TAKE” the “positive” and “strong” points of each side and couple it with the “left and right” then THESE are the VERY Ones you want to sit at a round table of “talented” PEOPLES as belonging to this “very great NATION OF THESE ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES.


If they are not ready to sit at the National Table of Twenty-Four then reserve them two seats; one male and one female; hand them the blueprint and give them their own round table and let them come forth with good reasonable adjustments and then they will be ready to attend with their program which “must” work within the principle of the ORIGINAL TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM OF PEOPLE-FRIENDLY, NON-USURY; NON-CAPITALISM SYSTEM OF ECONOMICS.


You see, that is the very “significance” Sir, of the round table;




When Politics fall aside and when religious beliefs are met then what you have is a solution of “non-partisan” “non-conflict” with NO-ONE killing each other.


A new respect is then drawn up and the hate and dissension from hateful moods evaporate with the coming of the dawn.


Once you have succeeded, Sir, in drawing up a no-contest of one party of rules against the other, you have found the solution to many problem areas which shall on occasion crop up.


The SOLDIERS on both sides are “protecting” what they believe will give the PEOPLES the best chance at happiness.


The ORIGINAL TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM OF PEOPLE-FRIENDLY ECONOMICS shall set all contention aside and all religious bigotry and philosophy aside because, Sir,


Paradise building is what they are all after.


We knew you could do it. We knew you could not be bribed nor knuckled under by the world bank, IMF, religious establishments nor “corporate powers” (is the latter correct?) for you will gain alongside the PEOPLES more liberty for the PEOPLES which are our main concern, (is that not correct, Sir?) than they have had since the Seeding of this World.


You are as smart as a whip and the backbone to go with it. Temper yourself, however, for the honest man or woman loses all strength the moment he or she is found with a gun and a sword at the throat of others.


It has been a long evening. We bid you adieu.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds