158. Philippine President Aquino Readies to Step Down in June - Packing to leave




President Aquino, Sir, this is exactly what is wrong with the capitalist monetary system with its governmental status of “electing” one for president, and another for vice-president, and yet another for this post and that post until there is nothing more than minds fragmented all over the place with only one deciding position or a deciding vote brought before congress or the senate whom also have their own agenda orchestrating themselves with fragmented minds.


Is it no wonder that the world bank and foreign enterprises are at liberty to just walk in with their money scams and back-room deals on the PEOPLES LANDS AND RESOURCES and bait the politicians and entice the politicians into working curtain deals for them?


After all, many governments are “instructed” by the world bank to tell the PEOPLES one thing while in fact the governments will need to come up with an excuse why indeed they had to do the exact opposition.


It is political strategy and that strategy is based on lies and deception and is one of the oldest dementia in the books, so to speak.


This, in fact, is why the label “politician” is used instead of “statesmen” or “stateswomen.”


So even the the men and women who have only the best interests of the NATION in mind, have been severely and unfairly “tarnished” with erroneous labels.


There have been more and more candidates stepping aside in order to allow other candidates the office that they, themselves, were running election for.


Now, why, Sir, is this?


Are there not enough chairs to go around?


Is there not enough space around the Round Table for them all?


Is one man or one woman’s mental acuity less than that of another that all there hard efforts should be thrown aside in favour of their good nature or an electoral vote passed?


Why, Mr. President, are you packing to go away?


We need you, the NATION needs you, the ARMED AND POLICE FORCES need you to sit at the PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ROUND TABLE and continue in working with THE PEOPLES, right here.


You, see, Sir, the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds with our Original System of “Free Economics” in the Talent and Purchase Order System does “NOT” throw out nor “vote” out those who have worked countless years to the best of their knowledge at their hour, not even having the benefit of knowledge about the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of People-Friendly Economics


of which SYSTEM does NOT throw men and women OUT like a dirty old rag!


Here, Sir, is a NATIONAL chair. It seats almost 24 for there are candidates who have humbly stepped aside for others and their chairs are already waiting for them.


And “thank you” Mr. President for your years of hard work.


Please come and join us.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds