157. Good Afternoon, Your Excellency, President Xi Jinping. Your Entry is Ready, Sir




China says US patrols justify defensive deployments




Good Afternoon, Your Excellency, President Xi Jinping, Sir. We thank you for your patience and in order to set the record straight, Mr. President, we ask you to understand that “words” spoken out of sequence by the English Gentry have little to do with the PEOPLES OF THAT NATION.


We do not offer apology for the words of others, for they are not our words, but, if we may, we would just like to offer to the Gentry of England these simple words; easy to understand:

The Chinese do not appreciate pomp and glory; what they appreciate is openness, respect, and honesty.


We think that should do it. Lesson one for the day, would you not think, President Xi Jinping?


Sir, you have sent your Defense Ministry with a report to our PEOPLE and the ARMED FORCES of these PHILIPPINE ISLANDS.


Therein, shall we address the Defence Ministry of CHINA in like fashion.


Good Evening, Mr. President Xi Jinping.


Let us now please proceed.


Defense Ministry of the Great NATION OF CHINA, we greet you this day as well.


The Armed Forces complete of these Great ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES REPRESENTING THE PEOPLES TO THEIR BEST INTERESTS AND SECURITY have provided your report into our hands.


As understood, the Philippine leadership is in a format of transition but nonetheless does not like to keep diplomatic brotherly and sisterly relations of concern at bay with any nation.


As pertaining to the video we have presented, below, the PHILIPPINES, ALL ARMED FORCES, AIR FORCES, GROUND FORCES OF SPECIAL INTEREST AND THE NAVY, IN FULL REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLES OF THESE PRACTICAL ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES understand all too well that the leadership of the United States of America, the pentagon, and all other irregular outlets want nothing to do with the ones who broker peace on behalf of the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION and the transition over to the ORIGINAL TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM OF GOOD AND PEOPLE-FRIENDLY ECONOMICS, SUBSERVIENT TO NO-ONE.




We are not excluding the peace-loving American People any more than we are the Brazilian peace-loving People and the peace-loving People of other nations who wish the transitional system of Economics of their own Original Talent and Purchase Order System as well. We would just like to make that clear.


We stand ready to serve both the good of the PEOPLES OF THESE ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES and of the transitional leadership until all is in place.


The crux of the matter here is “policy” Sirs and “Ladies” of the CHINESE DEFENCE MINISTRY, and that policy being toward the brokerage of another deal with Israel.


Such deal as the Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines did not wish to “expound upon” of the latter hour we realize is based entirely upon “tenure,” a tenure of high orchestrated back-bench policy as being “owners” of the Silk Corridor and Canals in order to resize them into their own high pocketbooks which would bring the SILK CORRIDOR AND CANALS under the firm “orchestrated” control of the world bank with its IMF policymakers, Mr. George W. Bush and CSaunders.


Thank you, Defense Ministry of all Chinese “ASTUTENESS” for your patience, also, in observing our hours away from the pen upon this subject of great importance.


Please Sirs and “Ladies” work with us to “ensure” the protection along with all PHILIPPINE Scout Ships of the PHILIPPINES ARMY AND NAVY, and GROUND TROOPS, the PHILIPPINE FISHERMEN to gather their wares of undersea collateral otherwise known as “sealife.”


Thank you and Good Evening.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds