146. Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jinhua, Our Presentation is Ready, Sir



Chinese ambassador wants 'new chapter' with Philippines after sea row ruling





Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jinhua, Sir, we greet you, President Xi Jinping, the Chinese Peoples, and the Great Nation of China.


We trust our hour finds you well.


Sir, we believe a solution has been found as related to the Chinese Ambassador to Great Britain, Liu Xiaoming, the other day.


With all events participated in or not participated in throughout the years, centuries, months, weeks, or hours, there is one event which has stood out among all the rest, and that is the reality of the SILK CORRIDOR AND CANALS, and we choose, Ambassador, to emphasize the essence of the Silk Corridor and Canals in order that Peoples, their governments as they stand today, and their Nations shall come to understand the historical significance as being upon the entire CENTRAL ASEAN NATION, as also, Ambassador, “belonging” to them all as well; a “gift” which no other nation could give to another, to their brother – sister nations around them; a “gift” stretching with its tributaries throughout the entire global community from the, shall we say South China Sea, or shall we say the West Philippine Sea?


Let us say neither, and instead, Sir, put together all in its final place as being once again created on behalf of the ONE CENTRAL ASEAN NATION as being neither the South China Sea nor the West Philippine Sea but the ASEAN SILK CORRIDOR WITH ITS RUNNING TRIBUTARIES OF CANALS distinctly, Mr. Ambassador, for the entire productivity and good logistics for the Universal Whole of HUmanity.


In the universe, there is no “you” and no “me” there is only “we” as being ONE Humanity belonging to the Whole. When this is understood, then the concept of land and sea belonging to one nation, one Peoples, one government over the Peoples of the Nations, shall vanish and in its place will come the rejuvenation and good-will vanquishing all talk of protection of waters within the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION save that of invading governments who, from other parts of the world having not yet as set up their own Central Nation prefer to remain an obstacle in taking that which does not as yet belong to them, due to their attitude, lack of courtesy, and bombardment of military tacktics in forcing their objectives toward their own selfish interlude whereby they should be instead furnishing their own national house with more than dementia.


Ambassador Zhao Jinhua, our good friend, we do not support the arbitration of court re: Philippines vs China, for the simple reason that the court of arbitration still works upon the precept of fragmentation instead of union, therefore, promoting the division of nations rather than strategically and fairly demonstrating the universal principle of ONENESS which none of them seem to understand.


It has been brought to our attention, Ambassador, that the Filipino fishermen have a difficult hour and event in outer harbour, collecting the fish in their nets and so we do ask calmly that the Chinese fisherboats, barges, or military ships, would “ensure” the Filipino ration not be small for there are more than twenty-three million Filipino upon these Great Islands “ensured” by CHINA to be of the utmost importance also to protect, not in grandstanding, but rather in friendly relations which indeed do the Philippines have with China on an “equal” basis.


We would believe and most sincerely, Mr. Ambassador Zhao Jinhua, Sir, that we have gratified your position with the Chinese government, His Excellency President Xi Jinping, the Chinese People, and the Nation, with our position based upon historical fact in the past as relating to both the present and the future, for the future is not given to us, we must work most diligently together as ONE CENTRAL ASEAN NATION, and as such of good conduct, we apologize for any who think to place votes before common sense, because that which might not at the present hour be understood as popular with the Great and Sensible People of the PHILIPPINES, will, we know all too well, be the only wise move to both ensure and guarantee the security and the kind of wealth in leaving no one out, which the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of People-friendly Economics and Societal Structure will do when combined with the SILK CORRIDOR AND CANALS “SHARED” BY EVERY ASEAN ALIKE.


Both the security of the Philippine People and their direct right and opportunity to rebuild paradise for themselves once again as it was in the beginning of their existence upon this planet is of the highest importance upon the scale of one vote to ten.


Excuse us, please a moment, Ambassador.




Thank you, Ambassador, please permit us to continue.


Indeed, this is not a matter of historical graphics for no history of any nation goes back that far accurately since such records have been either destroyed or hidden.


We have brought an historical account of “the Seeding” and of that will true unity be understood and the desire to own will fall away to the good of one nation and to the good of them all.


A ‘new chapter’ indeed will be most worthwhile as we continue our discourse between the Philippines and our good and friendly brotherly and sisterly nation of China.


We look forward to that prospect and have delighted ourselves in the discourse with you, Ambassador Zhao Jinhua, this day as we trust you have with ourselves.


The Peoples, Government, and Nation of these Great Islands of the Philippines, wish you well, Ambassador Zhao Jinhua, Sir. We wish His Excellency, President Xi Jinping equally well, and we wish the Great People of China and their Nation well as often as the day is long.


May grace go with you and the protection of the heavens.


We remain as always,


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds