143. Miscellaneous - IMF - President Putin - SM Conglomerate in the PHILIPPINES


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Chinese envoy demands US, UK to stop meddling in sea dispute




MANILA, Philippines — A Chinese diplomat has asked politicians and media outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom to stop meddling in the South China Sea dispute.


"The issue of the South China Sea is being ramped up by those in the US and the UK who accuse China of causing tension in the region. They proclaim the principle of free navigation and overflight but in reality their prejudice and partiality will only increase tension," Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said in a signed letter to The Times.


Liu stressed in his letter that China was the first country to discover and name the islands and reefs in the disputed waters. (End Quote)




Good Evening, Sir. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, we must remain here in order to assist all who come asking. Please “do not worry about us.”


We will do our best for CHINA, for the SILK CORRIDOR indeed will spread World Wide, for the excavation of the well known Silk Road which we had not heard about until well after we named the SILK CORRIDOR and its CANALS is none other that that which had existed by the Great Han many centuries past: a man who wished for no monetary system to stop his dream, a dream which was a remembrance of a event having taken place long before that, and that event was the first Seeding upon this planet, a Seeding of the various races which traversed from great yet not always great distances and the ASEAN Peoples sat side by side in their nations, each given a portion of land TO SHARE, (for you were all there approx, at the same hour of landing) and the very fact that CHINA has been the ONE TO BUILD AND INVEST IN THE SILK CORRIDOR and CANALS, Mr. Ambassador, only goes to show how the CHINESE in their brotherly and sisterly way, have rebuilt up the very foundations which will serve to cause the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION as a ONE PEOPLES to become the very catapult of the global community in all proper economic fashion utilizing the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of good and kindly and “feasible” Economics bringing again about a shift toward the paradisical scientific and orchestrated society of ASEAN Entrepreneurs for the good of all the Peoples of this World.


It is highly doubtful, that either the United States or England will remove its hooks from that which they perceive their right to control, therein, ignore them, and remember stratagem is the wiser choice. Now only so much can be said over this medium so we would say to you that CHINA’S best defence is one of magnetism.


Bring to CHINA what CHINA needs; and that is the cooperation of all surrounding NATION STATES and of that make them a part of this entire project, and “ensure” their “fishing grounds” are not impeded.


When NATIONS and PEOPLES are “ensured” of not only their survival, they will assist and “insist” in PROTECTING THE SILK CORRIDOR AND CANALS as they would their own.




- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds




SM helps bridge huge housing gap







MANILA, Philippines – The residential condominium market has undergone a major shift from 10 years ago when there were just a handful of real estate firms building condos and only a few who could afford living in such units. Today, with a housing backlog of over three million homes, SM Development Corp. (SMDC) has found itself at a pivotal position to address a huge gap in the Philippine housing sector.


“Over a decade ago, condo living was relatively for the wealthy. Now, the landscape has changed,” Jose Mari Banzon, SM Development Corp. (SMDC) executive vice president said.” (End Quote)



Well, Good Evening, Sir, it certainly seems to stand to reason the SM has broken the grade toward the issuance of all elimination of poverty living in the Islands of the Philippines, it would seem. Do you not agree, Sir?


By the hour, day, and moment that SM expands in bridging the huge housing gap, the bulldozers will have pushed most Filipinos right into the sea, leaving only the upper middle class to purchase these monstrosities.


After all, Sir, with all the SM Malls going up all over the Islands of these Great Philippines, all of this housing which cannot be afforded under this present day system of the equally monstrous monetary capitalist system with all its punitive usury by the ordinary Filipino, is being, nonetheless, paid for in 12% purchase orders on most grocery items and the in-house businesses, well as they say: “God only knows” the racketeering price they pay to SM just for opening and managing their store fronts, alone.


So the poor Filipino cannot even shop at SM due to the astronomically high prices with a 12% usury fee on top of the purchase of most grocery products; and yet it is the money of the middle and upper middle class which actually pay for these houses which the middle class and the poor cannot possibly hope to ever live in.


And what is the price which the poor have paid to SM for these luxurious buildings, Sir?

Their land.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds




Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines




We prefer to dialogue the words of President Vladimir Putin for the exactness in all correct pronunciation of the less strictine in diet be well heard and come to the forefront.


“We three” listen to this gentleman, for more than a tendency of reality does he display at all hours and of that which we may slightly differ in terms of the technicality on what democracy is or is not in relation to the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of good, wise, and calculative Economics which does in no wise deal with the monetary capitalist system which hurts more than the financial and empty pockets of most of the world populace, we can agree and see eye to eye on most criteria.


PLEASE indulge us, then, in not relaxing the words of President Vladimir Putin of Russia who saved Iraq from certain disaster, and of the Peoples still remaining, they “await” the natural cause of Lukoil in assistance, since the undermining of the Iraqi oil industry and the taking through ISIS the very blood of the land from those who remain are relatively left with nothing to trade.


Take what Iraq owes the Federation of Russia, and as our “gift” then, take what you need. Iraq is a swampland which will never run out of oil which one day shall be an exchange medium for those products which Iraq is unable today to produce for itself due to the continued bombardment of war and if not from one front, then from the other.


Iraq has “no government” par ce, and we ask for the tolerance of all the patience you have had, President Putin, Sir, in waiting for what Russia is owed. Now, you need the oil and gas.


Please, hire the Iraqi to drill for it and allow them their fields and it is yours, for free.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds

Dialogue of the President Vladimir Putin of Russia






Russian president Vladimir Putin says that Western governments are enslaving humanity through vaccines.


‘When your children are barely human, psychologically-altered bots, their nerve cells and synapses failing to connect, and their neurodevelopmental processes dulled to the point of restricting them to sub-human level repetitive grunts and gormless stares, what are you going to do then?’


An insider from the Ministry of Health in Russia has revealed that an explosive report is being prepared that will be presented to the Kremlin on Tuesday regarding the huge vaccination cover-up being perpetuated by the US government agencies and its regulatory bodies, which is having disastrous consequences around most of the world.

It is understood President Putin personally requested the report.


He instinctively mistrusts the vaccine agenda and wants the report to investigate the state of play regarding vaccines, Big Pharma, and Western governments, in order to formulate a solid, direct response that will stand his people in good stead for the future.


According to the Ministry of Health insider, the report validates President Putin’s suspicions. There is a huge conflict of interests between the government agencies which regulate vaccines and the corporations that approve and implement the vaccines.This investigation, involving internationally respected scientists and leading medical professionals, won’t be a laughably corrupt affair involving a payroll of ‘scientists’ who are willing to say or do anything for a dollar or two.


Considering the fact that leading scientists and doctors who have dared voice concern about state-enforced vaccinations have been dying under mysterious circumstances in the US in recent years, kudos must be given to those brave enough to continue speaking out. It is claimed the report will declare the situation a ‘self-perpetuating criminal racket.’ Educational institutions and scientific bodies are also ‘motivated by greed and generally corrupt.’ A recent study by (Note: this portion was taken out as I was bolding it; analysing coca cola ....in a study...and if someone has that report at hand please pass it over for it is gone. Thank you. Uthrania Seila)

The report says that President Putin believes the next stage of human evolution is currently in “grave risk” and that Western and global powers are “intentionally decelerating the process for their personal gain.”


“We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”


“We must fight this. A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests,” the report states.


Describing the average government-controlled Westerner as an “intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown,” the report states that such tactics used by governments to subjugate their citizens are not only “dark/evil” but “counter-productive in the medium to long term.”


Russia under President Putin has been giving away land for free in the past few years to people willing to farm organically and sustainably. The goal is to become the world’s “leading exporter” of non-GMO foods that are based on “ecologically clean” production.


The Security Council report comes just months after the Kremlin announced a stop to the production of all GMO-containing foods, which was seen by the international community as a major step in the fight against multinationals like Monsanto. Russia continues to lead the way in the realm of natural, organic farming. (End Quote)


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





MANILA, Philippines — Tax policy prescriptions for the next administration are being tackled with a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as presidential candidates themselves present their own plans, except Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.





"They asked about the state of the economy and tax reforms which could be undertaken by the next administration," Finance Undersecretary and chief economist Gil Beltran said in a phone interview on Tuesday.


"There is nothing much more that you could do during this administration. So we are more concerned on what can be suggested for the next one," he added. (End Quote)



Finance Undersecretary and chief economist Gil Beltran, thank you, Sir, we will take it from here.


IMF and their representative, Sir, all candidates are on an equal footing in this nation of the Great Islands of the Philippines and of those of other nations as well, conceding that the United States also are abridged in their upcoming selection of presidential candidates whether that takes root or not.


Is it the IMF who decide the outcome of these elections, Sir, as though you were the national ballot box?


Is it the IMF who decide the election outcome based upon the candidates position or platform toward the IMF world bank?


Is it the IMF who decide the election “INCOME” based upon the candidates position or platform toward the IMF world bank?


Shall the IMF also decide the outcome of the elections in the United States at this hour charging them “duty” upon their running platform? And that of the Great Islands of the Philippines as well?


Has the IMF forgotten they are not running for election for any chair or are you nicely hidden within the bedsheets of the degraded?






The candidates’ first duty, you see, is to work with the peoples and on behalf of the peoples in putting the agenda for the peoples, first. We doubt in all good grace, Sir, that either the IMF nor the world bank are upon that list.


The candidate in question may speak for himself though we highly doubt any candidate which you have not managed to debaste with your monetary tyranny, is apt to disagree.


If you do not wish to work with us, Sirs and Madames of the IMF and world bank, then may we correctly presume you determine to continue in working against us and the entire POPULATION OF THE HUMANITIES?


Then, Good Day, indeed.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


Putin says Russia will supply the world with organic food




Greetings, Mr President Vladimir Putin, Sir. In order to satisfy the distribution of food, especially top quality and the only which should be grown and kept organic with no chemical sprays or ground contamination nor GMO seed products, would you not find wisdom in each nation growing its own food and distributing that which they have little need of in trade?


However, that hour, indeed has not come yet for Monsanto and its GMO are still pulsating around the world and of this tyranny is Russia found to be far ahead in all documentation and activeness in both the distributing of organic food for world majority and the keeping of it fresh and safe from not only pollutants, but also interference with cargo transference to the dry and hungry places on earth, which do include the inner cities as they stand now.


It seems the United States of America, have a dry run on most goods here, into the Philippines, and so Monsanto tried to sneak in and bring its GMO products.


It may be wise to take the market by storm, so to speak, and undercut the economic grid by two and a half percent or less and draw up a simple contract of one page, no usury, no taxes on tariff, no excise taxes (the hidden taxes on goods) the import-export taxes they steal under the table at the high perimeters of all stock market profit; for the less, under this capitalist system which is been charged, the more production runs, Mr. President, you will have.




Right now the Great Islands of the Philippines are being threatened by the IMF in its yearly début of rationing out the Peoples’ small paychecks into their own coffers, by demanding “a large cut” from the new candidates; Mafia style in taking over the neighbourhood, so to speak, and putting the new people in their place.


We could do with some help in this vicinity, Mr. President, Sir, and by the same wise, “we trust,” our same intent at this hour of helping Russia, yourself, Sir, and the Russians.


As President Saddam Hussein and the RCC sent oil to the United States of America’s inner cities, it became, as you know, intercepted by the United States government of that day, hour and moment. When the President was filmed by American TV the film was dubbed and a likeness only of his voice was presented. On other occasions, Sir, as you must be well familiar with, also, a translation was set informing the peoples of the Americas (the South, too) of the diabolical words which were never uttered by the man, President Saddam Hussein, who even cared so much for the Pentagon-made-enemies of Iraq. Both President Hussein as well as the Iraqi People never once saw the American People as their enemies.


The American stance has broken up and fallen. Iraq is in twice to three times the mess it was in before. The Shiites are our friends. The Sunni, likewise, for all are one peoples and they are fighting for their lives. When men and women fight for their lives, as you know, Mr. President, they tend to do things they would not ordinarily do; and instead of running away, they stood and fought.


We would be “pleased” to see Lukoil accommodate Iraq in the oil industry as a forerunner in protecting the assets for a better day, and you do have the senority, President Vladimir Putin, for if it were not for you and the Russian Peoples, there, today, would be no Iraq.


I am asking you.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds