Notation: In the gregorian year of nineteen hundred and ninety-five whilst I was still scribing and little else was being done, the Mancharians came to us with a short list of their words to place down upon the paper. Which we did. Here is another beginning and of a sort-of training was I still at that hour, in. Please stop browsing and pay close attention unless entertainment is all ye ones crave. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


Five Doctrines Of More Ethical Development Of Mankind Alone 47


(1) The First Doctrine In The Power Of Light 48


(2) Our Doctrine Of The Ages Of Being 49


(3) The Doctrinal Quest From Above 50


(4) The Radical Epic Of Time 51


(5) The Alarm Of The Nations Nixt Be 52



The third benediction is of a rather qualifying quality, little Ones, for it induces significant restructuring of your bodily attire - not clothes - for the procuring of ideal status among your brethrenly host of helpers, could we put it thus? Place third doctrinal title as being "The Doctrinal Quest From Above."





As so above, is as so below, is it not? You are the realizers of your own creation. So whatever you create within your own realities, with that you will live - merit much or merit little, that has always been the choice of your decisionary process, has it not?

For everyone has been fixed with a choice, which overrides all that inflammatory doctrination, of which you have been so overfed with since the coming of your life essence back onto this plane of "recovery." Recovery here being of the shock, which was placed within mother Earth, as she fed ye and found, that instead of kindness being relinquished back into her realm, she found the graffiti, of which was placed in the context of pollutionary artefact along with the necessary changeling of destruction upon her face. You understand?   


Nothing worth the effort of substandard living allows for the proclamation of truth unfolded within the creases of development within the character of man. Instead, play the game fairly and relinquish all doubts as to the greatness of yourselves!


Therewith abide within sole regulatory surface structure of acclimatizing yourselves into roles of conduct befitting a man of social grace or the arts. Here we do implore the each of ye before the special ride ahead of ye, to engage within the subliminal perimeters of your consciousness, to redeem yourselves by placing gracefully before yourselves that elegant attire of manifesting for yourselves a strict diet of planetary reform!

And how exactly are you to accomplish this great feat of the arts? Simply BY ATTAINING A GOD-LIKENESS TO YOURSELF THROUGH THE GOD ESSENCE THAT YOU REALLY ARE!


Many are not aware of their god-self, or god qualities, did you know? For substantially fit are those who quietly induce within their greatness that quality of divine growth, by which they can say to themselves: "I have made it in my own realization - I AM ME!

Am I not indeed the god essence of all which I create within myself?" Think about this One, Comrades, for we do bequeath to the each of you that solitary consignment of attuning into the march of the ages. Jasmine is the tea, and we relish upon our return all that, which lies within our embodiment of wealth, this being only a strict portion of it toward the understanding of our own goodness of placement within ourselves.


Close for this third portion, scribe, and relinquish command portion back to scribe of the third degree for further upgrading of compliment, for all must learn to attain retrograde from another's accomplishments, for ALL ARE INDEED ONE!   Mancharians out. Frequency closed. (6:14 pm).  

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds